JetStar and what a lack of customer service can cost

I posted the full story about the experience I had with Jetstar earlier but have decided to remove it as I take things forward. Thank you to those who took the time to read it.

I find it very unfortunate that so many people can have such similar problems with one company. The worst part really seems to be the customer service over the actual faults themselves.

I really hope that someone from Jetstar can objectively read these complaints and make some positive changes to a company that many people would happily use were it not for so many people feeling like they were ripped off or treated badly.

New Zealand-Auckland


David Hall has responded to

David Hall has responded to my email and has said that he will look into it. It looks like a generic email but still gives me some hope.

If you are in NSW and they

If you are in NSW and they refuse to refund you take them to the CTTT and show them the proof that your visa was valid and get your money back

Dont take any of their stalling tactics, they will lie and delay until they think you have given up or forgotten. and, from now on use VIVO and print off a letter that clearly says when your visa is valid until, shove it under their noses and video the whole thing if it happens again

Better just don't use them

Better just don't use them again , isn't worth the headache and rude customer service!!

At least you received some

At least you received some acknowledgement from them. I sincerely hope they do something about the shoddy service. I also deleted my story but only because it was a constant reminder of the terrible way I was treated. I don't think anyone here is interested in shallow apologies, or being given the run around. All we want is to get what we pay for, no more, no less; and not be treated like the great unwashed by untrained staff.

Please let us know Alice what

Please let us know Alice what response you get from him.