Jetstar are effectively stealing from customers

Jetstar are effectively stealing money from Australian citizens. I booked to fly between Brisbane and Bali, and within days of taking my money, Jetstar cancelled all Brisbane to Bali flights depsite both Brisbane and Bali being open to accepting the flights ie not a Covid issue. I rang Jetstar and got the Philippines who repeat that heir terms and policy is that they will issue a credit voucher within two weeks and they refused any refund. This scheduling and promoting of flights then cancelling shortly after is effectively theft. Simply a method of cheap finance for Jetstar and possibly an attempt to steal on the basis that some people may never redeem all of the credit vouchers.

Indonesia-Denpasar (Bali)


Jetstar are practicing

Jetstar are practicing Corporate Fraud. They are selling air tickets online knowing these tickets cannot be used. There is no warning prior to purchase about any difficulties that the air ticket purchaser might experience on any day. Their company is advertising "Fantastic flight deals to Bali" that are effectively worthless due to problems like accessing a visa. eg Indonesia cancelling Visa on Arrival Visas. Jetstar know this but continue to sell their worthless product online.