Jetstar Cancels 17:45 JQ37 Sydney to Denpasar Bali Tue 10th December - Destroyed Our Family Holiday

After continually waiting and lining up in queues (the check-in was absolutely ridiculous with only 3 x counters open - took 1.5hrs to check the bags in) and continued delays, Jetstar announces 2.5hrs after the scheduled departure that flight JQ37 to Bali has been cancelled. We were then advised that we would be escorted down to immigration, have to collect our baggage and return to the Check-in Counter to re-schedule. That was about all the info and advice we received as there was not a Jetstar representative within sight going through immigration / customs, collecting out bags or anything. We were unfortunately one of the last family's to receive our bags, so when we proceeded upstairs to the Check-in Counter, there were 300+ people already in front of us and only 3 Manned Services Counters. There were no representative anywhere accept at the 3 x Service Counters and absolutely no announcements or explanations of what was happening. It was now close to 10pm, everyone at their wits end, and we had children close to exhaustion. A representative (that was actually a Air NZ Employee) was accosted by an extremely angry mob. We then found out that our options were to wait in line to try re-schedule onto another flight (and by the way there are no available Jetstar flights for 3 days)! or we could get refund for the flight!!!!! After confirming that these were the only available options, we could not wait for what would have been another 2-3 hrs as the line was not moving, as we were fortunately from Sydney, we left to go home and sort out in the morning. I dread to think what family's and passengers that were not from Sydney were going to do. It is now 10.30am on Wed 11th Dec and I have exhausted all options for alternative carriers and cannot push our holiday out another 4 days, so we are left to cut our losses and go through the tedious process of claiming refunds and travel insurance. From the moment we arrived at the airport yesterday , I was appalled by the lack of customer service delivered by Jetstar. The queue for check-in was insane, there was no info provided as to why there were delays in boarding and when the flight was eventually cancelled, it was like the Jetstar staff were cockroaches as they completely dissipated. We didn't choose to fly Jetstar, the flight was part of a package deal. I will not only not want to fly Jetstar again, but will avoid any package deals using this airline. #Dontflyjetstar

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So very disappointed in

So very disappointed in Jetstar and service or lack of in their handling of cancelled JQ37 Sydney to Denpasar 10 Dec. It was hours of lining up to check in and hours if lining up to get back out through customs to get luggage, to line back up to sort out rescheduling of flights and accommodation given we family of 4 do not reside in Sydney. No communication, no reps in sight to deal with the crowd or to inform. Only 3 counter staff in to assist 300+ pax. It seems it was pot luck where you were in the queue as to how successful you were in securing another flight. This is NOT good enough. We were finally accommodated at Oylympic Park what a joke middle of nowhere, and no said shuttle bus to get us there, figured this out a after waiting 25mins 10pm at night with 2 kids , ended up having to pay our own way, Flight was rescheduled to Thursday. Not a good start to the family holiday. I find it so hard to believe they could not bring in a plane and put everyone on it today. I feel for all the people behind us in the queue, who probably aren't getting out at all. Jetstar poor communication, poor customer management.

I sincerely feel for you and

I sincerely feel for you and your family. We were fortunate to be from Sydney, however were unable to secure an alternative flight unless we wanted to go on Saturday so lose half the holiday. To rub insult to injury the Travel Insurance may not cover all the accom cancellation costs as the flight was cancelled due to a mechanical issue!!!! I hope you managed to get there OK on Thursday and manage to enjoy the remainder of the family holiday

If we all tell ten people our

If we all tell ten people our woes, then perhaps we can make a difference, or , Jetsatr will simply cease to exist. This is my golden plan, spread the word.

My flight today to Bali from

My flight today to Bali from Sydney (JQ37) just got cancelled too. No explanation and no help from Crapstar! At least I knew before going to the airport. Never booking with them again.

I have looked up the history

I have looked up the history of JQ37 (can only see back to 4th December) an this flight was cancelled on the 5th, 7th, 10th and now 13th December? Is it the same plane that has the issue? Whats really going on Jetstar?

@Bee Kirchhofer, this was my

@Bee Kirchhofer, this was my hope too when I created this website, sadly they have not changed since then (almost 10 years)

Umm..I'm guessing nobody has

Umm..I'm guessing nobody has seen/heard/read any news reports of late?? Jetstar ground crew & baggage hamdlers are in the midst of a union strike over wages and safety conditions & pilots are due to strike as of next week. I would suggest switching airlines if travelling over the holiday period.

Industrial action only

Industrial action only started yesterday 13th December. What about the 5th, 7th & 10th December. Unfortunately I did not have a choice in the airline as it was a package deal.

I am so sorry people like Bee

I am so sorry people like Bee exists. I came across this site and cant wait to leave but firstly must leave a comment, You created a web site to close an australian company that employs hundreds of our people? Help them to improve with creative criticism, if you must. But what you are doing is inmoral.

@Fran Cholo I was hoping the

@Fran Cholo I was hoping the site would highlight Jetstar deficiencies and create an outlet for unhappy Jetstar customers to vent their frustration and thereby "make a difference".
Nowhere have I said that I "created a web site to close an australian company".
I fail to see how me creating this website, in which the users create the content, is immoral.

@Rowan Curry. I am getting

@Rowan Curry. I am getting nervous myself as we have flights booked to Bali on 3rd January. Travelling by Qantas to Melbourne and then hopping onto Jetstar. If they cancel the flight and can't get us onto another one until 2-3 days and I decide to cancel the holidays altogether and not leave the country, does your travel insurance cover you for the flights and prebooked accomodation? I part paid this with credit card and also frequent flyer points. Unsure how they would reimburse you frequent flyer points. Fingers crossed Jetstar have sorted out their shit and not punish passengers like ourselves!!