Jetstar charged me twice, refuses to help and they get to keep my money for 3 weeks.

I made a booking on Friday with plans to travel to Melbourne the week after, they charged my card which was fine but then they charged me again on Saturday!

I called their overseas 'customer service' and apparently they can't see the overcharged amount implying that I'm lying. Even if I'm right and they found out they overcharged me, it'll take 15 business days for me to get my money back...... to late to use that money for my holiday!

I call my bank and they say they can't do a reversal because the charges were on different days (well played Jetstar) they asked me to tell them to send my bank a fax to authorise the reversal, I called Jetstar back and they refuse to send the fax.

My bank says there's nothing they can do, which is fine... I'm just pissed off with Jetstar's attitude to this whole thing.....

Bottom line is I won't have this money for my holiday which was set aside for meals and travel in Melbourne... Just because Jetstar took the liberty of taking my card details and take my money the day after the booking was made!

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine


When are people going to

When are people going to learn that flying Jetstar is just asking for problems. The English have the same problem with Ryanair and guess who was behind their operations.......Alan Joyce, the same clown who came up with operating Jetstar.