Our Jetstar to Sydney from Melbourne was cancelled on Friday 13th May. We can accept the weather issue, however, despite all the spiel about customer service all we received was an email to say the flight was cancelled. The next flight out was 6 hours later flying to Sydney via Brisbane. The flight from Brisbane was delayed. Most of the decent food stores at the Brisbane airport had stopped serving food.
When we finally arrived in Sydney our plane sat on the tarmac for an hour while another Jetstar plane refueled in our bay.
I am waitng to receive an apology from Jetstar. On the plane was a mother with two children and a woman who had flown in from Tasmania- these people then had a further 3 hours drive to their destination.
We were tired and hungry- No attempt was made to assuage our frustration by way of communication.
Until I phoned this website Jetstar pushed me to discuss my complaint with a robot called Jess.
This is the first and last time I will fly Jetstar.

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine


Trying to stay positive, but

Trying to stay positive, but it’s a challenge! Arrived Darwin for our 5:20 flight to Cairns. When we finally got to the front of a long line, we’re told to go and wait in another line. Lots of people being told that there were no seats on the flight, but we managed to quickly check in online and got seats … phew!! Checked in our luggage (including two very bulky bike bags) and went through another very long security line. Flight was delayed an hour, but we managed to get into the Qantas club and had a few glasses of wine while we waited. Finally as boarding time approached, sign changed to say flight was cancelled!! No sign of any staff so went back down to check in. Lots of frayed tempers as people tried to get rebooked for tomorrow and find hotel rooms. JetStar insisted we had to take our luggage back, including our bike bags!! Lugged them across the airport car park and navigated various “do not enter” signs to finally get to the hotel. $333 for a -very- ordinary room. New flight 7pm tomorrow night …. Never again if we can avoid them!!!!