Jetstar discriminates against Sydney travellers

I have been through this a number of times with Jetstar but simply get back fob off emails. I once even got a free flight....which I refused to accept out of principle.

Jetstar often sells flights out of Melbourne considerably cheaper than the same flight out of Sydney. Sometimes it omits offers for Sydney customers altogether.

Today Jetstar offered 2 for 1 flights from Melbourne to Osaka, Japan for $479 (direct flight) whilst from Sydney to Osaka, Japan the cost was $543 (with a stop in Cairns). This is outrageous and clearly Sydney customers represent no value for this company. The fact that Sydney is Australia's most populous city has apparently escaped this company as it abuses and rips off Sydneysiders.

There are other airlines out there who do this route and whose prices are pretty good. Given the extra baggage charges it might be appropriate if Sydney people avoided being being done over by Jetstar and voted with their feet.

Not happy Jan!

Japan-Osaka (Kansai International)


Dear Jayne Hrdlicka, Jetstar

Dear Jayne Hrdlicka, Jetstar Group CEO,
My wife and I recently traveled with your airline (Booking Reference !!!!!!, January 16th.) to New Zealand and back. First time ever with Jetstar. Since that time I have personally spoken to a counter representative upon check-in, and following that a supervisor, at the Coolangatta Airport. The counter rep was very very rude as we tried to explain, and kept repeating ourselves, those are the rules, over and over again. Her supervisor, I have since found out lied to me and said, when I asked for his Manager, that there was no one any higher than him.
So what caused all the ruckus? We were informed at the counter, even though we had already paid for one checked bag, now we would have to pay an additional $160 for excess luggage, and $45 for the return flights luggage. Gotcha Jetstar! Sounds like a used car lot when you get surprised at the close of the deal.
I immediately lodged a complaint with Customer Service, whilst waiting for our flight. Even your rep on the phone said we could have no way of knowing about these policies or should I say rules, as we had booked on a third party website. He was the only person who showed any remorse about the situation.
Since then I have spoken to two or more reps including, Josephine, who insulted my intelligence by offering a $50 voucher for another flight on, you guessed it Jetstar. Why, when our first ever experience with Jetstar was so poor, would we want to fly them again. We are an older couple and have flown internationally for years, having lived in the USA and my wife being Australian. I was a chef for United Airlines for 10 years before they went bankrupt. What is it about an airline and the customer service they are supposed to provide, we were the first in line that morning with a large line behind us, it was more advantageous to penny pinch $205 out of us while others were waiting to check in. My wife was crying, your staff spent over half an hour telling us the rules, and repeating “that’s the rules”!
It is no wonder in your leading magazine piece of January 2015 you write “We don’t always get it right”. Perhaps you need to go undercover……BOSS, you could learn a lot. This is not about the money, this is about your Customer Service or should I say Lack of it. Since this episode, I have logged on to many anti Jetstar sites, and have reviewed your track record, it is very poor to say the least, especially “”. Are you proud of your achievements, do you realize that in today’s world with Social media in the hands of all customers, and with the old saying “If you tell 10 people and they tell 10 people…….” You may not be in your job for long, don’t take it for granted, look at United Airlines, once the world’s biggest, just a small fish in a big pond now.
Kind Regards, Paul K. Zamp

How hard is it to read the

How hard is it to read the luggage rules? Every airline I ever book on I make sure how much luggage I can take. It's not difficult - just read the rules when you book. Everyone these days seems to want to externalise blame for their own actions. If you roll up blindly to an airport assuming that you can bring excess luggage without being charged........sorry but that's your own fault.

Sorry Peter but we did read

Sorry Peter but we did read the luggage rules and paid for one suitcase in advance.