Jetstar have a formalised response letter for all complaints and they accidentally sent it to me

Another cancelled flight, and they just 'don't care'
My partner decided it would be a lovely surprise for me if he took me away for the weekend! He's not very techno, so he decided to make his bookings with an Travel Agent, to play it safe!
He surprises me on the Friday and says we are off to Melbourne on the 2.45pm flight! Yippee! all good.

We arrive at the airport for check in 1pm only to be told the flight has been cancelled. Our alternatives.......the 5pm flight is booked out, we can travel via Brisbane......yes the opposite direction......and arrive in Melbourne at 11pm. Not very happy, otherwise there is the 6am in the morning, which means we only get one night. So we cancel. Then the fun and games start. We had to cancel both nights accommodation with no refund.

Jetstar advise the flight will be refunded, BUT what about the accommodation we couldn't take....oh well you can email Customer service and they will look at your case. So we do that. Several emails back and forth with a 'we are processing your email' 'be patient'......WE GET THE CLANGER OF ALL CLANGERS! The Customer service officer accidentally emails us Jetstars preloaded responses to all customer service enquiries....THIS IS GOLD! If you read it you would see they never intend to give you back anything......this one is my personal favourite:

With TL approval if passenger is requesting manager or escalation only.

I apologise for any disappointment but I am unable to escalate this matter any further for you. Please be assured that we have investigated thoroughly and that your feedback has been passed on to our senior management team.

and there's plenty more........
I would love some advice on where you think this CLANGER should be published...facebook, twitter....The papers...I just know they never have the intention to do anything about your claims. I want everybody to know just how Jetstar looks after their valuable customers NOT! Please give me your feedback.

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine


Put it up everywhere &

Put it up everywhere & everyone can share it, I was put on hold saying they would get back to me about a refund for a cancelled flight out of Singapore on the 24th February, Jetstar said I could get a refund if I got another flight, I waited for 25 min then a lady answered from Qantas, she said looks like you have been flog off to us, Jetstar you are a disgrace and I will make sure you everyone knows.

Please put it up Wendy. We

Please put it up Wendy. We all would love to see it too. This company is a disgrace. They have mastered the art of BAD service and have all the required processes in place to fog off disgruntled customers until they give up. If I was you I would demand full compensation for the money you lost for your accommodation and all your out of pocket expenses. They will of course tell you that you agreed to any cancellation when you signed the contract but having gone though the same process myself I can tell you that they have no legs to stand on in a court. I took them to the Queensland Civil And Administrative Tribunal (The old Small Claims Tribunal) for a very similar case 2 years ago and was awarded all my costs. It only took 10 minutes and the look on the moron representing Jetstar was priceless. My story is also on this web site if you wanted to read it. Please don't let them con you like they do others by offering you $50 Jetstar voucher. It's worth nothing if you never use them again.

Please publish the letter and I personally will spread it all over the internet. I have been fighting to expose this shonky company for over 2 years and slowly the message is spreading. Hopefully we get them off our airs for good.

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please see here

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