Jetstar Jet-fail

Ive gone to the media about this. Something needs to be said and done. After coming across this link I see the airline is in quite a state.

Well thank you very much Jetstar. You are a major jet-fail. A cancelled flight and no attempt to make up for the delema you have placed your customers in. The options were to wait 10 hours for the next available flight or get a refund. I'll take the refund however it's cost is to get an earlier flight back home even with your stinking refund. Just pathetic and to top it off your customer service to try and resolve this was patronizing and atrocious to say the least. Will definately cross your stinking airline off my list. Why do Tiger get such a bad wrap in the media when Jetstar do exacly the same to their customers. A massive big bird to you Jet-fail!



Son, last three out of four

Would not recommend, they canncel flights at short notice, 15 days at least for refund, new flight with Virgin negates any saving (having now to book at last minute).