Jetstar left me stranded on an Island

This is my Jetstar horror story and the letter I sent to them, they replied to the office of fair trading stating they were in their rights of section 10.01, and believed their staff over myself and 2 family members and a family friend.I might add they refused to veiw the ctv footage or compensate me the 427 for my virgin ticket also I lost my fare back on the jetstar flight. Letter as follows:-
.It is very difficult for me to address this to Customer Care because after the horrendous treatment I have been dealt by Jetstar I do not think the two words belong in the same sentence. However, I would like to draw your attention to my experience at the Launceston Jetstar terminal on Monday, March 1, 2010 and the complete lack of professionalism of your manager there, Scott Cleary.

I was checking in to my flight to return to Brisbane, when a staff member told me that I had to pay $80 for extra weight. I had flown to Tasmania with Virgin a few days earlier and was returning with the same baggage plus two jars of honey. As I am not a wealthy woman in a single income family, I was shocked by such a large last-minute fee and without thinking exclaimed a naughty word ** $80”, just as one would after hitting your finger with a hammer.

The staff member then called the manager Scott Cleary who told me I was not allowed to board the flight. I am a 50-year-old woman all of 5ft tall. I was not drunk or disorderly, neither was I carrying any weapons or breaching any terms of the rules of flight, to my knowledge. I do not see that an exclamation of a word that is now commonly heard on television and has entered the vernacular can be considered sufficient reason to refuse a flight and I am not aware of such an exclamation being included in your list of terms and conditions.

My son, a graduate doctor, who was with me at the time, interceded on my behalf as I was extremely distressed. We asked to speak to his superior but were advise that he was the most superior there and he also refused to provide his telephone number so that we might reasonably resolve the issue. Your so-called manager (who could clearly do with a course in people skills) persisted and made it very clear that he would not reconsider. The only allowance he would make was to allow my other son to continue on the flight. As we both had paid for tickets, I do not consider this any great generosity!

His actions were publicly humiliating. Fortunately for me, the Virgin crew overhead the fuss. I then had to book a flight with them at a cost of $430 because it was an on-the-spot booking and pay a more reasonable $10 for overweight luggage. To compensate for the appalling treatment I had received from Jetstar staff they also gave me free champagne and a front seat on the return journey.

I would like to refer you to Point 6 on the Jetstar Customer Commitment guarantee which states: “You will get what you paid for”. Clearly I did not.
I would challenge you to view any CCTV vision of the incident which will show that I had my credit card on the counter ready to pay the $80 even while your so-called manager was being summonsed.

I am left wondering what would have happened if my children had been much younger and I did not have a credit card with me. Woe is she who flies Jetstar as she might well find herself stranded on an island.



So sorry to hear of your

So sorry to hear of your situation. After seeing this site and about 1000 other bad reviews, now I'm definitely not using JetStar!

i'v heard of this happening

i'v heard of this happening before, next time you make a booking with jetstar you need to pay an extra $10 airlines wont bend over backwards for you. suck it up

@Bruno, She did pay the

She did pay the "reasonable" $10 that Virgin charged, Jetstar wanted to charge $80. It also seems she was willing to pay the $80.

First: It's a budget

First: It's a budget airline.
Second: The $80 charge is for when you don't pre-purchase your baggage, you must've been travelling on a jetsaver light fare. See:

Thirdly, the warning re: '$80 charge if you don't prepurchase baggage' pops up when you're completing your online booking (I booked a flight to Sydney tonight and it popped up) so I'm confused as to why you were surprised.

I flew on 6 different budget airlines when travelling around Australia and Asia, and I found Jetstar the best. That being said, the best is not as good as Qantas or Malaysia Airlines...but seriously, I'll say it again you're flying a budget airline...

On a side note, don't fly Air Asia X. They'll cancel your flight, and not tell you until 14 days prior. In July 2009 I made a booking to go from Kuala Lumpur to Tianjin (China) in January this year, found out from a mate who reads Chinese newspapers that my flight was cancelled in November (apparently there was a story in there about it.) Took 4 phone calls to their call centre to actually confirm whether or not it was cancelled, 90 days for the refund to reach us, no apology about lack of communication (quote: Didn't you get the email?), and then, 14 days prior to the original flight, we got a text message saying it was cancelled. I feel sorry for all the other poor sods who didn't find out earlier.

It seems to me some people

It seems to me some people reading Deborah's story are not really understanding what she is complaining about.

The way I read it is that she is complaining about the fact she was "not allowed to board the flight" after she "exclaimed a naughty word" when told about the $80 baggage charge.

jetstar give you the $10

jetstar give you the $10 option when you make the booking to have baggage, i made the silly mistake of booking "lite" but i managed to call the callcentre who helped me 2 days before and they told me they charge $40bucks to add baggage after you book and double at airport, this explains why they wanted to charge you $80, it sounds like you were not within there strict terms and conditions, its probably time to move on as it seems it was your fault?

Just an added note to

Just an added note to everybody that has commented on my stranded on an island story. Thank you rhys..for you comment
I was happy to pay my excess baggage my story is about" not been allowed on the plane which I had paid for"., I handed my card twice to pay for the excess luggage no problems there., but the people concerned had already decided not to let me fly.
I was stranded on an Island with my children, after been to a wedding, I was not allowed to fly because of a small word and not directed at anybody exept my handbag., if I did not have a credit card, I would of been stuck there. There are no buses, trains taxis off an island.. Luckily I did have a credit card and was able to book with virgin who had heard of the incedent because they are all in a row in the little airport. They gave me a front seat on their airline, free champagne and treated me like a princess. They could not believe it had happned to be told I could not fly, they thought that sort of thing only went on in America. I have travelled half way around the world and have never been denied my flight.. I miss the good old days of TAA and Ansett where you were always treated with respect and the customer service was impeccable You always knew when you paid for your ticket that was the end of the fees.and been annoyed didn't get you put off the plane.

Anyone who states Jetstar was

Anyone who states Jetstar was the best whilst travelling Australia obviously has never received real and good customer service. Thery are shocking.
They should actually be looked into for the way they treat, speak and abuse customers and think they can get away with it. It is disgusting.

Listen here sweety, if you

Listen here sweety, if you swear at a police officer,you would be arrested whether or not it was directed at them or not. So what makes you think it is aceptable to swear at a staff member working for an airline that they did not establish. Whether it was directed towards them or not, the pure fact is that your self admitted outburst is not acceptable in public. Did you think about children in the area? The reason you were probably refused carriage was because the staff may not believe that you were able to control yourself on board in an emergency or under normal circumstances. Time to grow up and behave like a civilised human being.

@Anonymous above. Swearing at

@Anonymous above. Swearing at a police officer is not an offence (see court case from QLD). You should get your facts checked before you make stupid patronizing claims likes those you made. It really only makes you look like an idiot. Now be gone sucker because Jetstar do suck!

Hey Deb, you nut job. Your

Hey Deb, you nut job.
Your seat with Virgin in row one was probably because you purchased a premium economy fare, which entitles you to free champagne. Not because they care!
Stuff off you whinging fifty year old, you GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR..MEANS CARRY ON ONLY!
Enjoy row one and Virgin, every airline has its problems!

what a moron it clearly

what a moron it clearly states that Jetstar may refuse to carry anyone seen to be intoixicated or abusive ok you were not intoxicated but you abused the staff member and carried on like a little immature child grow up dipshit deborah. face the facts you screwed up and tried to cover up by blaming the airline. oh by the way any one who purchases premium economy with Virgin now get there free drink and food der!! All I can say is thank f*&# Jetstar supported there staff in this because F&#%@ng morons like you Jetstar don't need travelling with. Take a teaspoon of cement and harden the F&#@ up you 50 year old dumb arse.

i am doing work expreience

i am doing work expreience with jetstar at the moent and they are wonderful and all the air attendants i have met are really nice and i think we have only had 1 delay while i have been there, if you dont buy the $10 luggage you dont get any der dumb arse!! i flew all the way to tokyo and back from launnie no delays and no cancelations!!

ATTENTION!!!!!!!! i booked my

ATTENTION!!!!!!!! i booked my brother october 10,2010 but i never recieved a ticket and confirmation of the booking...i called the cutomer service that day...they gave reference number and i try it appear decline, but in my credit card was already deducted i called again the cutomer service to confirm still i called my bank they confirmed that i have a transaction payment in jetstar...
so the bank advice me to ask the jetstar to gave me a copy that my payment was decline...yet the jetstar telling me it shud be my brother to call the...its me who booked my brother and its my money!!!! then yesterday oct 11 i called the cutomer service of jetstar they said they will gave me the the copy send it to my email that my booking for my brother is decline...but until now i never recieve!!
today i did not come to work to fix this problem i went to changi airport but nothing happen they just told me to send email to jetstar!


GIVE IT BACK MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!! BE PROFESSIONAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Excess baggage is exactly the

Excess baggage is exactly the same as Virgin Blue @ $10 per extra Kg! On Virgin Blue you get 23Kg Checked Baggage plus 7Kg Carry on which equals 30KG! On Jetstar you get 20Kg Checked Baggage plus 10! Kg Carry on which equals 30KG! Exactly the same! So if you pack more into your carry on baggage you would pay the same! ;)

return flight bangkok -

return flight bangkok - melbourne 23.12.10. took my computer - jetstar have email address [receive emails from them twice a week] - checked prior heading 2 airport - no change 2 departure time. on arrival bangkok airport noticed 4 1/2 hour delay [eventually 6 1/2 hours]. when I complained was told we notified everyone [message on my AUSTRALIAN sim card when I returned home] WHAT TOTAL F'WITS!!!! on top of this paid off their credit card in FULL prior 2 departure, yet they saw fit 2 charge me $45 late fee for $20 minimum payment? but it not these wanker airlines that are the problem, it is govt-they should be protecting us-we cannot fight them alone.

This story is typical of so

This story is typical of so many one hears about Jetstar. They are only too happy to refuse to fly you if you so much as utter a naughty word triggered by their atrocious service and chuck you off with NO compensation. Not only is it humiliating but I believe it to be completely illegal and you should get your son to do all in his power to get your money back which they have stolen . They are a very nasty company who go out of their way to rip people off. They are arrogant ,rude and atrocious communicators who have turned aircraft travel into a nightmare. The mafia of the travel industry. And Qantas is very little better judging from all reports. I vowed not to fly Qantas twenty years ago and in the intervening years would have spent over$100,000 with other far far better airlines.