Jetstar loses donated material for Christchurch earthquake

Flying into Christchurch this morning, with the intention of helping friends and family with the earthquake recovery. Colleagues from monash university donated a AUD$400 worth of gloves, shovels, and face masks to donate to the volunteer army. We phoned up jetstar several times, on several different occasions, speaking to different people, each time with the same result: if we want to take the equipment with us, we have to pay the excess baggage. After getting the same response from qantas, i gave up and paid the 80 dollars extra to take the equipment with us. After nearly missing the flight due to the 1 hour wait at the check-in desk, the flight was then delayed for 1.5 hours, without explanation. After all of this, they lost the luggage, including the majority of the donated equipment, with no more explanation, other than 'this has been happening quite often, you might get it tomorrow'.

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their explanation of 'this

their explanation of 'this has been happening quite often, you might get it tomorrow' just further validates the need for this site.
Thanks for sharing your story.

I wonder of they will donate

I wonder of they will donate items themselves to compensate for their negligence?
Wait, silly question...

This is the lowest of the

This is the lowest of the low. I was outraged before I read they'd lost the gear.

Am torn between not being surprised and disbelief.

If the press get onto this one there'll be a massive shitfight.

It is pretty damn

It is pretty damn unprofessional for anyone (from any airline) to say "this has been happening quite often" which makes me wonder if they really said that, or if this is another case of someone tweaking the wording to suit their story. Regardless, its a pretty crappy situation and I feel for you.

@ Anonymous - yes I am sure

@ Anonymous - yes I am sure Dean tweaked the truth just so he could complain on this fabulous website.

What I don't understand is - why Jetstar employees obviously find it so difficult to face the fact that the service is sometimes downright poor.. without blaming customer expectations or questioning customer honesty.

Dean, tell the press this

Dean, tell the press this story! Get it out! Ruin these crooks.

@anonymous, surprisingly, I

@anonymous, surprisingly, I didn't need to tweak the words, I think the employee in question, from christchurch herself had just had enough of her own company behaving in such a way. She was even telling us other stories of police and rescue volunteers arriving with lost equipment. I don't think our situation was anywhere near the worst she'd seen that day.

As an update, we have gotten in touch with jetstar today, and officially gotten the 'its lost' response. Unfortunately now I have to tell the people who donated the equipment what has happened, and tell the volunteers.

Not Surprised at all. Jetstar

Not Surprised at all. Jetstar have never been good a taking normal luggage let alone donated goods which are vital to help everyone in Christchurch at the moment.
I think you should definitely go to the press on this one. Jetstar keep getting away with it because people don't speak up enough.
Full credit to you for going to the effort to get the donated items in the first place and thank you to those who have donated it. We in Christchurch may not physically have the goods but the thought was there and that still counts so thank you :)
Shame on you Jetstar!!!

dean - send an email to neil

dean - send an email to neil mitchell at 3aw, and give your contact details, but you need to do it asap.

I'm going with everyone else

I'm going with everyone else on this - go to the press, you're bound to get coverage with a story like that and the more bad publicity Jetstar get, the more likely it is they will either have to clean up their act or face the chop... hoping for the latter.

Thanks really? I've sent the

Thanks really? I've sent the story on to Neil mitchell, and to a bunch of press agencies in both Australia and new Zealand. Ironically, I got in touch with the head of PR at jetstar, who apologized and said this should not have happened, and that someone would call me asap. Still no communication.

Jetstar really need to take a

Jetstar really need to take a long hard look at themselves. They have no idea what customer service is. I am from ChCh and had some flights booked for in late Feb (booked prior to EQ) in which we were unable to travel due to circumstances beyond our control. I phoned up a couple of times as I was not satisfied with the options I was getting. I finally got hold of a customer service rep who said they would give me a full refund and that it would be credited to my credit card. I emailed yesterday to enquire how long it takes to get the refund and I have just heard back saying that I won't be getting a refund and that there are no notes about this. He was basically telling me I was a liar. I am now stuck with vouchers that I will never use as we are not in a position to travel at the moment, and the worst part of all is that the vouchers are to travel with Jetstar. Never again. I am going to stick to Air NZ as they have just shown their true colours during this awful time. I take my hat off to them and wish that Jetstar were not introduced to NZ if they were not going to look after us.

Lost or stolen? Given the way

Lost or stolen? Given the way jetstar manage most things i would not be surprised at the 'types" the may hire That stuff would have brought good money in any market.