jetstar online pissed me off

I tried to book a ticket from sydney to melbourne, after completing all the details and card information and being submitted... an error occured which said to start over.. i started over and submitted again the same message occurs to start over. so I gave up with jestar and booked another flight with tigerairways.. for my surprise when i opened my mail I could see both the iteneries from jetstar and tigerairways. I asked for refund from jetstar as it was their website not functioning well, they asked me to wait for another 7 to 10 days for a response. WOW.. 10 days and I will be in melboune with my creditcard stuck with $400 less to spend.

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine


I think my situation is quite

I think my situation is quite similar to yours. I booked the ticket with jetstar, and when i completed the step "payment", the system noticed that my card was declined that i need to use another payment method or use another card for payment. I again typed the same card number and it again noticed that my card was declined. Now I'm afraid they will take my money from my mastercard for both times i submitted.

omg the same thing happend to

omg the same thing happend to me except it booked me in from the wrong day when travelling from syd to adelaide :D