Jetstar refuses to give us pre-booked hot meal with Plus bundle

I recently booked two return flights PER-DPS-PER with Jetstar (JQ116 outbound, JQ111 inbound) from their website and added the Plus bundle (40$ each flight pp, $160 in total), which said it would include a hot meal (and other benefits). Everything went fine on the outbound flight to Bali, but on the return flight, the stewardess refused to give us the entitled meals. She said there was no record of it on the manifest and the "Plus" option on the boarding pass and itinerary does not mean that a meal is included.

After a lengthy and embarrassing discussion in front of the other passengers, making us feel like we were scammers, we eventually agreed to purchase additional meal and drinks.

I called the customer service hotline today to explain the problem and seek a refund for the meals we were forced to pay for on the flight. The representative was quite rude and treated me like an idiot and insisted that I only booked the meals on the flight to Denpasar but not on the way back, and that the Plus bundle does not automatically include a meal. It was only after I convinced him to go on the website himself and go through the booking process and clicking on the Plus bundle that he agreed that it says "hot meal". He then went on that this was a "web error" and he couldn't help me with it.

It is also stated on their website that hot meals are included "on most international flights operated by Jetstar" on the Plus bundle:

Has anyone else had problems with this? Am I missing something? Are hot meals included on economy fares with Plus bundle like it says on the website? Why does Jetstar staff (both air crew and phone support) not know about this?


Indonesia-Denpasar (Bali)


Jetstar are very good at

Jetstar are very good at taking your money and not delivering on their promises. I recommend you go to department of consumer affairs in your state. Make sure you get your money back. Jetstar will resist in the hope that you give up so the key is not to give up.

Just a quick update: it's now

Just a quick update: it's now two weeks after submitting the online complaint form and absolutely no reaction from Jetstar. Not even confirming that they got the complaint. I suppose that's not unusual with them?