Jetstar staffs cheat by providing false statment

We booked a ticket with Jetstar to fly from Christchurch to Auckland on the 13th of June, 2011. Around 11pm on 12th of June, we received a text message from Jetstar saying our flight has been cancelled due to volcanic ashes. Because we could not reach any Jetstar staff via telephone (probably due to intense number of calls from other customers at the same time), we decided to go to the airport anyways.

When we were lining up at the Jetstar queue at the Christchurch airport, one of the Jetstar staff where helping people in the long queue to fasten the process of the queue. She told us verbally that if we choose to rescheule our flight with Jetstar, then we will get a refund for our accomdation for the night up to $150NZD. We decided to check with if there are any available flight on the day via the counter staff anyways. When we reached the counter, the Jetstar stuff at the counter told us the same thing. So we rescheduled our flight with her at the counter to the next day (14th June).

Currently Jetstar refuses to refund our accomendation for the night (13, June) and says that they are not aware that they had the policy of refunding any accomendation fee due to flight cancellation on that day.

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We live in Sydney.We booked

We live in Sydney.We booked ticket from Sydney to Perth onn the 17th of August and another from Perth to Bali on the 21st of August.There was not clear information that flight from Perh to Bali going by Sydney[by common knowlege Perth is closer to Bali].Once we had recived the itinerary we realized that trip which was suppose to be 3,5 hour is going to be over 20 hours.We got small kids ,we can stay in trip for so long time without no reason. On the top we are loosing one day in hotel which is paid already.I called to Jet Star many times and after couple of days I was able to connect. the people who anwsered the phone were hopless[sounds like office in Phillipiness anwsered].I was told it was to late to change anyting[It was bad luck we could not reach them earlier].We were advise to write to Jet Star customer complains office.I wrote 3 times explaining my situation and every time we recived an e-mail informing on changes on our itinerary and coping the same original booking.It looks nobody read my explanation.It was just waisting my time and my hope of reciving any anwser-positve or negative.

I have had my flight

I have had my flight cancelled TWICE- and according to the Auckland Airport website, there never were the flights Jetstar cancelled. The 10.30am between Auckland and Wellington on 21st and 22nd July, 2011 does not exist!
I spent three hours on hold, and 2 hours waiting for calls back from supervisors. I rang back and was told they were phoning me but they haven't yet.
They then don't want to refund me the full amount as they took $10 for insurance I didn't want. You have to apply seperately for this. You have to wait 14 days to get your own money back.
They do not compensate you for mucking you around, but they charged me $50 to change my flights when I made a mistake.
I have yet to see the money refunded, but as I will never fly with them again, am worried about not getting a refund but credit etc.
Bottom line- fly with an airline. Jetstar is not one. Airlines fly. Jetstar just pretends they do then cancels at the last minute.

They say things always - if

They say things always - if they don't give it in writing then don't believe it! Total crapstar!