Jetstar still charging $25 credit card fee!

Jetstar doesn't offer direct debt to pay and instead offers a range of credit cards and charges $25 per transaction!

The RBA gave credit card companies the option to put a stop to it back in 2013.
Malcolm Turnbull announced measures to stop credit card transaction fee gouging in Oct 2015

How does Jetstar get away with it?!

Oh and this is as well as their website not working and the chat being slow and totally useless. This booking took me 1hr and 15 mins!

United States-Honolulu


For International flights

For International flights they charge $18 per flight i.e. $36 for a return journey. Absolutely disgusting. As far as I am concerned they are guilty of fraud and deception; when they advertise $5 airfares, but then by the time you have paid taxes, levies and CC charges the final cost could be up to 12 or 13 times the advertised price.