Jetstar stole my money........gave my COVID reimbursement voucher to some random.... No DOB... no confirmation email

I am from WA and in 2020 I went to visit my family over East . COVID hit and I had to cancel all of my plans... ir more like all of my plans were cancelled for me. I was taking my grandson to the Gold Coast.

I was flying JetStar (1st mistake) they cancelled my flight because of COVID then they sent me a voucher so I could recoup the funds. Great.... right.... Nah.. they then sent an email telling me the "system" accidently reimbursed me two vouchers (2nd mistake) ... 1 would be voided the other would be active.... Well.... I went to claim my airfare today and nearly all of the money has gone!!!

As it turns out they gave a person with the same name as me ... in Darwin my money!!! No DOB and no confirmation email and they had the audacity to say to me I MUST have given this random woman my voucher numbers!!!

Actually what was loud and clear was they were saying ... I claimed the flight and I am trying to claim it again. They got particularly stern when I told them the WA border has been closed since last year and the whole country acknowledged that fact, so I couldn't have gone anywhere. I could almost hear the accusation in the chat text.

Oh and yep you have to chat your complaint (my guess is that is so there is no record).

They then told me it was an online booking then showed me a transcript of a "discussion" they had with this 'other' person with my name.

I am furious!!!!!!!!! They stole my money and gave it to another person without confirming it was actually me. I dont have ANY confirmation email for this transaction. I am going to the Ombudsman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Moral of this story Never Fly Jetstar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Australia-Gold Coast


My jetstar refund voucher was

My jetstar refund voucher was fraudulently used by someone else even before i received it or ask for it.
My case is in the hands of the police fraud squad along with many many other customers. Jetstar also told me I gave my personal details to someone else.
Your case is identical to other jetstar customers,