Jetstar Sucks

jetstar is the worst airline i could ever imagine! i made a reservation for 6 people (2 kids and 2 senior in tow with me) to fly in may 2011 to singapore, i booked this flight in November 2010. they called me at 12:14 am (wee hours of the m...orning) this morning to notify me that they are changing my flight from 10:50 am to 9:10 pm, means we will be arriving in singapore at 12:40 am. I am traveling with kids and we are booked in sentosa, which is far from the airport. they told me my options: a) accept the 9:10 pm flight, b) cancel and reimburse the flight but will not reimburse my hotel, c) rebook me a day later but will not reimburse me for the day that i missed but paid my hotel and d) book me a day earlier and find my own hotel and pay for it. Those options are not acceptable!



Schedules can change. It's in

Schedules can change. It's in the conditions of carriage that you accepted. It is sometimes necessary to keep operating costs low and to make certain flights line up with each other. If you are late to work because of a train cancellation, the train company is not responsible. Similar with an airline. You were advised schedules may change and the scheduled time does not form part of the contract for carriage. Unfortunately sometimes booking many months in advance gives you a higher chance of having your flight schedule altered as schedules alter about once or twice a year.

Good to see the JETSTAR

Good to see the JETSTAR cheerleaders are back, we missed you girls......

Hey Annon I fly Air Asia and Tiger around ASIA at least 4 times a month, and they never cancel or change flights, they have a schedule and they stick to it.

And i expect flyingbudda that

And i expect flyingbudda that you can provide proof that they never change their schedules or cancel flights? Pretty sure tiger have one of the worst reputation for cancelling flights.

Actually Anonymous, Get your

Actually Anonymous, Get your facts right, Tiger is doing better then Jetstar so i suggest you start reading before you make judgments on tiger, and yet again your wrong, they didn't have the most cancelled flights. Get your facts tight.

It was Virgin.

It was Virgin.

Exactly, good boy, you done

Exactly, good boy, you done your homework.

Anonymous, you are actually

Anonymous, you are actually wrong, very very wrong.

Passengers may agree to the terms and conditions when purchasing a ticket however they cannot be used to remove consumer rights. Air New Zealand got into a little trouble in this area as well.

If undue financial cost is experienced to a passenger because a flight time has been changed or cancelled without reasonable warning, reasonable being decided in law NOT by the airline. The airline is liable for a portion of the costs incurred to the passengers. Unfortunately most passengers do not realize this law exists. I did when Jetstar changed the flight time from the evening to the morning of the next day with 4 hour’s notice.

I told them my circumstance and would like to be booked on the next available flight, any airline would do. I told them the law they told me I was lying, I called my laywer (I after all would mis my wedding!) my lawyer arrived and informed them they could be liable for the wedding costs I would miss and cost of rebooking the venue. They told my lawyer he was lying, it took a threat to go to the media for them to admit they were in the wrong to get me on a Qantas flight. Of course I had to promise not to go to the media. I promised. However that smacks of an admission of guilt!

Jack, this is not a question

Jack, this is not a question of Tiger doing well financially or not. It was a question of reputation. Tiger have an awful reputation for delays and cancellations. Ask almost anybody who's flown them. I never actually said anything about them having the most cancellations, and yes I knew Virgin was at the top of the ladder in this regard.

I'd also be very interested to see figures on Tiger doing financially better than Jetstar. I find it hard to believe but if you can prove it, please share.

Joanne, who flies to the destination of their wedding the night before the wedding??? What if there was bad weather and all flights were cancelled? Organised much...

Oh, and Jack you may want to

Oh, and Jack you may want to do some reading up on the CASA enquiry into Tiger operations. Seems they aren't doing so well after all...

Sorry Anonymous how rude of

Sorry Anonymous how rude of my Great Grandmother to decided to start dying a few days before my wedding. I should never have gone to see her so she could see me in my wedding dress. Well I should have not gone on Jetstar.

How dare you be so presumptive and judge when I fly. As for organise much Jetstar needs to be more upfront with consumer rights, it is dispicable that I had to resort to legal and threats of media exposure to get my rights in law recognised.

just fly tiger or virgin next

just fly tiger or virgin next time.

Joanna don't get your

Joanna don't get your knickers in a knot, you never mentioned anything about a family member dying. Of course that makes perfect sense now, but I think any regular person would generally think it a bit odd to fly to your wedding destination the night before the wedding especially considering all the things that can go wrong with air travel.

Stu - If Tiger exist after 3-4 weeks time. If you read the anti-Tiger facebook groups, the people there are just a vicious as all of you. in their hate for Tiger.

i love how intense everyone

i love how intense everyone is - god forbid the plance might have had damage or a technical issue and thats why it was delayed for a large number of hours. Pretty sure i would rather let them fix the plane than risk it falling out of the sky on the way to me wedding.
People need to relax when it comes to airline travel and actually cater for the fact there may be delays because planes are man made items and guess what like everything else they brake!!! and i would rather wait in an airport than DIE!!!


What you all need to remember

What you all need to remember is that these airlines are wholly owned subsidiaries of other well known airlines. If you have a bad experience and deny this airline further custom make sure you carry that denial through to the parent as well. Jetstar is owned by Qantas. The former CEO of Jetstar who put the ground rules in place for this airline is now sadly the CEO of Qantas. I thnink the current CEO of Jetstar was a upper level manager of Qantas. Sadly like a virus the badness is spreading and soon we will need to use foreign carriers just to be treated like humans