Jetstar Telephone Support are IMBECILES!

I purchased a return ticket (6 months ago) to the Gold Coast of $180 for a specific event in Feb 2011. That event was canceled recently. So, I decided to change my ticket dates and visit some family and friends in Brisbane, in April, instead.

Stupidly, I didn't take note of the change fees before submitting the date changes online. The cost to change my ticket was $165!!!! It would've made more sense to just simply buy another ticket to BRISBANE outright, and just go to the Gold Coast for a little holiday on the original ticket, since it was only a few days.

So, I quickly rang Jetstar to see if they would reverse/cancel the changes I made online, as the money on my credit card was merely on hold and had not yet been withdrawn. A simple YES OR NO would've sufficed. But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...

This imbecile changed my ticket AGAIN back to its original date in Feb and told me that I would have to pay the fare difference (which I'd already done for the April dates) but that she could waive the change fee!!!!

After attempting to explain the reason of my call in about 15 different ways (as if talking to an 8yr old) she replied, "well we can't give you a refund because it's against our policy but I won't charge you for the changes I've made".

At this point I didn't know whether to laugh or rock back n forth in a catatonic state (or both). So I simply said, "pretend I didn't call and undo everything you have just done in the last 35 MINUTES you've kept me on the phone!!!!!! Her final words were, "well I haven't confirmed the changes yet mam".

I was left speechless. I was so overwhelmed, I couldn't even yell at her....I just hung up!


Their change fee is bogus!
Jetstar Operator..."sure, we'll change your ticket dates. That will cost you the price of a whole new ticket"
Customer..."but Virgin are cheaper that your standard ticket prices and they're not a bunch of morons"
Jetstar Operator..."Haha sucked in"


Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine
Australia-Gold Coast



That's ALL DAY, EVERY DAY, LOW FARES for you!!!! Misrep marketng!! All lies! That's the deal, you make chnages, they screw you on the fees! They make changes or cancel your booking?, YOU HAVE TO CHECK AND CALL THEM!!! some deal!

Tracy it seems to me you are

Tracy it seems to me you are the imbecile for not reading and understanding the terms and conditions of your fare that you originally purchased. Any airline you change a flight with will charge you a change fee and probably a difference in fare. What is so difficult to comprehend about this? It's not $80 at all, its a $40 change fee (online rate) per flight or $50 per flight (call centre rate). The remaining balance was your fare difference. Fares generally rise the closer that date becomes. This is how budget airlines make money: People purchase super cheap tickets on sale 6 months before they wish to fly. Somewhere down the line they need to change their dates but the sales fares don't exist anymore so you are stuck paying the difference for the current priced tickets. Once you've made the change, they generally won't reverse the changes and refund you anything.

If people would stop chopping and changing so much they could avoid all these issues. Personally I only book things a week or two before I want to go. I don't get sucked in by booking ahead.

I recently learned from

I recently learned from someone who studied the Jetstar annual report that 50% of Jetstar profit comes from people who buy a ticket and don't fly. They do this because it is profitable. I'm not saying that 50% of passengers tear up their ticket- what I am saying is that 50% of Jetstar profit is derived from passengers who buy a ticket and don't fly on that ticket. Hard to imagine? Not really - because after all Jetstar not only pocket the ticket price, but also the taxes and fees involved. Jetstar is an airline that derives 50% of it's profit from NOT FLYING PASSENGERS. Something to think about next time you book.

Obviously a comment from yet

Obviously a comment from yet another Jetstar Moron rep.

Go back to your manual Moron. The change fee is $40 each way, which equals $80 MORON. Or should I explain that in 15 different ways for you???

Also, the fares for the same dates are cheaper now than what I paid for them 6 months ago MORON! I booked ahead for reasons unrelated to any discounted fares JETSTAR MORON!

And there are many legitimate reasons people need to change bookings MORON! But a pea-sized brain of a Jetstar MORON wouldn't comprehend such things.

You don't know what the fuck you're talking about! TYPICAL JETSTAR MORON!!!

Thanks Phil, the above

Thanks Phil, the above comment directly below yours was not intended for just beat me in line.

I appreciate your statistical facts. Very interesting! I will be sure, however, to book closer to my date of intended travel. But not with Jeststar!

I wander what the statistical data on other airline profits suggest? Hmmm, very interesting.

they dont even no y they

they dont even no y they charge u da price,they just do coz they r told by there bosses to do dat! they r crims and scummy cunts! neva eva fly dem again, and dont lissen to anonymous he is just an jetstar employee who cant get ova his luv 4 jetstar! pathetik realy!

I wonder how many Jetstar

I wonder how many Jetstar employees read the terms and conditions that pop up when they install software on their computer or phone?

Hi Tracy, very frustrating.

Hi Tracy, very frustrating. Anonymous, you are a ball bag as usual.

so tracey - you change

so tracey - you change something without investigating the potential related costs and, then make a phone call etc, and it is all soemone elses fault.

sorry, but you could have checked the T&C's , and seen that it costs per change - same as every airline in the world, even train and buses etc, wow sometimes even hotels charge you to change your mind.

as you said in your second para - stupidly

Yes Tracey - you should have

Yes Tracey - you should have checked the T&C' - after all.. a long list of T&C's is a recipe for cheating people. It's all about the T&C's and nothing about fair trading or even common customer courtesy. Sometimes I don't recognise Australia any more - and what we see on this website is Jetstar rudely holding onto their T&C's and average Australians saying "geez this can't be right".. because it doesn't seem right- and it doesn't seem right because it isn't right.. Jetstar may be legally correct - but who the hell wants to live in a world where every action is subject to a terms and condition. Fly another airline - at least they seem more courteous when they apply their T&C's.

phil the whole world is based

the whole world is based on T&C's - employment, medical services, your use of the internet, indeed even this site, any service at all in the world. To change the booking time for your driving license you pay an additional fee, some doctors/specialists/dentists charge if you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment time, some hotel chains will charge a nights fee if you do not arrive.

Nothing prevented tracey from calling the dall centre and finding out what charges may apply to change her booking - did she do that?

Nothing prevented tracey from perusing the website or perhaps glancing at her booking confirmation email to check for costs - did she do that?

Tracey decided (and I do actually feel sorry that she is out of pocket) to change something without understanding the ramificaitons of that change - that is the problem, that after her change of mind it is someone elses fault. The call centre yep its crap - all call centres are. is she pissed off, yep, is it her fault, yep

Also phil all airlines charge a change of mind booking fee - check any airlines website - report back here those that don't

And so the wait begins for a

And so the wait begins for a reply from both Tracy and Phil..

Really? Ok, so I admitted


Ok, so I admitted that it was my fault. It was a mistake I made and purely my responsibility. I didn't blame anyone else for that. My statement was that Jetstar phone support were a bunch of Embiciles! Got it?

I called to SEE if they could cancel or cease the changes I had just made! A SIMPLE YES OR NO WOULD'VE SUFFICED! Instead, I had some idiot keep me on the phone for 35mins (mostly on hold) while she was reverting the tickets back to the original dates, totally ignoring the $165 I had just paid, and then told me I had to pay (yet again) to change them back to the original date!

Do you get it now Drongo???

And yes I did call them earlier and spoke to another drongo with a speech impediment who told me it was $50 to change it (not mentioning that it was each way) and gave me the alternative to upgrade to a premium ticket, which cost approx $289 each way!

Does anybody else see the absurdity in that?...excluding the Jetstar imbeciles!

Thanks again Phil for your support and common sense. I agree T&C's are a corporate scheme to benefit only themselves, and stiff the customer. These Jestar advocates cannot comprehend the main issue I raised above. Customers make mistakes and I guess I falsely hoped that Jetstar would show a bit of 'good will', which is commonly practiced by more reputable companies in order to keep their customers happy.

Oh well, if Jetstar choose not to show grace to their customers, how in the hell are they expected to keep them? A company that is on the fast track to failure. Take my $165 scum bags coz that just cost you thousands of dollars in revenue. Word of mouth is a very powerful thing. 6 degrees of separation, and that separation has become a lot lesser with the advent of FACEBOOK.


Wow where to start... First

Wow where to start... First of all with this twit named Tracey - I will simply reiterate what I already wrote. The change fee is $40 PER FLIGHT (online rates) and $50 PER FLIGHT (call centre rates). You are very clever to add 40 and 40 to get 80. However as your original post says the change fee was $80, you were wrong. Would you like me to explain this 15 ways also?

Secondly, the 50% of profit stats sounds very unlikely but I am not certain. Not that many people forfeit their fares.

Phil - You're right, I often don't read terms and conditions. But when something happens and I realise it is the company's policy, I don't pin the blame on the company for something I agreed to and was my responsibilty to read and understand. And FYI Tiger T&C's are much less forgiving than Jetstars.

Tracey I am almost positive

Tracey I am almost positive that any non refundable airfare you purchase/change with any airline will not be refunded simply because you changed your mind. Yes I can understand your frutration with the call centre as the vast majority are useless, but unfortunately this is the case with so many call centres.

Hahaha...this is getting

Hahaha...this is getting ridiculous anonymous!

Reiterate all you want! Obviously I was referring to the total cost (return trip)! Your only rebuttal was to nit-pick and divide that $80 by two, in a pathetic attempt to make me wrong. LMAO Pathetic!

You also question Phil's stats when he has clearly provided an actual reference! You're almost certain? It sounds very unlikely? These are obvious statements of someone who doesn't investigate formally any factual information!

I apologise for calling you a moron repeatedly in earlier posts. It's not necessary. I was just frustrated by your response but I see now that you misunderstood my main point!

ONCE AGAIN...I AM NOT BLAMING JETSTAR FOR MY MISTAKE. I WAS HOPING THEY WOULD SHOW SOME GRACE! How wrong I was. My frustration was heightened by the fact that they kept me on the phone for 35mins, unable to understand my simple request to cease payment/changes, and expected me to not only forfeit the $165 I had just paid but also pay another cost to change back to the original dates!

Had they said 'No, we cannot' in the first 5 mins, I would've been a little disgruntled but resigned to the fact that it was my fault and sucked it up!

This is why I am complaining. Their Telephone support are imbeciles in my opinion due to the way they dealt with my inquiry. They made a bad situation worse and this obviously reflects on Jetstar immensely. But now that I fully understand their T&C's, the imbeciles Jetstar employ and their unwillingness to show grace to their customers, I will never fly with them again!

Roger that ground control? Over and out!

Sorry Anonymous the 50% was

Sorry Anonymous the 50% was printed in black and white in the detail behind the annual report - of course Jetstar won't publicise these figures. The information came from a contact in the financial industry - someone responsible for investing people's money in corporations such as Qantas/Jetstar. Jetstar not only keep the ticket price - they also keep the taxes. Great margin for selling a pdf ticket from some website.

Almost every week I read about someone with some Telstra internet bill - it always goes down like they are on some $99 plan and unwittingly exceed some download and get landed with a $1000 or a $2000 bill or some such. Are Telstra able to do this according to their T&C's? Yes they are. Is it right? Of course it isn't. No one deserves to be charged thousands for a month of internet. It is gouging.
What is disturbing is that most Aussies are so quickly to defend these corporate thieves by telling people they should have read this or insured against that. It takes a lawyer to help you make some of these decisions when buying any product or service.

Defend these greedy corporations all you want but it is trickery not business. Personally what I find most disturbing is the ease that most Aussies just accept this crap. I'd say that Jetstar have taken common trickery practices, and developed these into an art form- so much so that half their profit comes from passengers THAT DON'T FLY. Surely there is something wrong with this situation- If Jetstar staff pushed back on management over these unfair tricks.. something would change.

Already there have been class actions against banks who have charged UNREASONABLE fees for certain banking transactions. If only some powerful legal entity would challenge Qantas and Jetstar over these unreasonable fees and charges, terms and conditions. At least most bank employees had the decency to agree when asked that the banks were greedy and they gouge a fee for almost anything. Jetstar employees seem to take delight in applying these charges and enforcing every rule.
I realise I am asking for a more honest and reasonable Australia - obviously this is too much to expect from Australia's oldest and largest airline business.

tracey - as I stated I am

tracey - as I stated I am sorry that you lost out - I know that call centres can be a pain, and you shouldn't have to deal with untrained people, if are properly grieved and annoyed you should complain to the ACCC, and/or commence a claim in the small claims tribunal (costs $35?) .

you use the telstra phone downloads as an example of greedy corps ripping off others, what about those that do not rip off telstra, but control their usage, and do not pay extra fees etc. Is part of it that some people are just plain stupid / greedy, and do not want to take responsibility for their own (inadverdant) actions?

Also, under ASX compliance, Jetstar could not have a comment that 50% of profit comes from non flying passengers, and then not include that in the annual report or financial report. The consilidated qantas report is on their website, feel free to find it and link to it.

@ Really? Yes an in a

@ Really? Yes an in a perfect world people could dodge every falling stone on an avalanche and reach the bottom unharmed. In the real world this is much harder to do. Re: Telstra- If you wind up with a family one day, and find that some teenagers (yours or someone else's in your house) - make some stupid decisions about what to download and not download- you can easily find yourself in that position. My point is that even when this happens - it is unjust and unfair to charge anyone thousands for a months internet. Yet Telstra do it. Charge more yes.. charge thousands? Why do we tolerate this practice? The banks retracted a number of fees following the class action suit against a major bank - these fees were unfair.. they were legal according to the T's and C's.. but found to be illegal as no bank is allowed to charge more than what the reasonable cost to provide for any such service. Does it really cost Jetstar $80 to change a ticket? Talk all you want - but it's gouging. Modern business is sometimes despicable.

If you analyse the figures and information that my contact had available to him/her - you can deduce that 50% of Jetstar profit comes from unflown tickets sold. You think I could be bothered making this stuff up? Maybe I can get the data leaked to Wikileaks or something -

You know Qantas shouldn't be involved in price fixing either - yet recently that's what they've been fined for.

Phil, you're absolutely

Phil, you're absolutely correct! A very inspiring read. You sound quite versed on these issues.

I see the dynamics going on here: very few people in this world adopt somewhat of a cultural anthropological perspective on life. They merely do as they're told by the powers that be (it's perceived that those who have the most money have the most power). These are the people that set the rules, and influence the construction and maintenance of structures, of governance. Hence the masses resign to the notion that "that's just the way it is". And it's wrong!

But, not only do we put up with it, we delude ourselves into believing that we should conform to these absurd rules set by greedy corporations. Why is that, when there is such great power in numbers? The best analogy I can think of is we are being treated like ants, working to serve the Queen. lol.

Anyway, I digress. Sorry Phil, you just took me back to Uni. You reminded me of a textbook I read on 'The Global Political Economy'. You also remind me of a professor...such a turn on hehehe.

phil not what I said at all -

not what I said at all - if you choose to use the internet for what you agreed to pay for a months intended usage, and there are excess fees, then that is what you agreed to. Do not pontificate about what family I may or may not have, what may occur or what response I would make, it is irrelevant.

People need to take responsibility for their own actions. No one has forced any person to sign any agreement for a service, you have choice, the same as which no one is forced to fly Jetstar. Everyone just needs to take responsibilty and just grow up. If they disagree then there are actions people can take, the problem is that people are generally lazy and would prefer to whinge about it rather than confront the issue.

Tracey - if you think what has happened to you is wrong (and I actually believe it is), then do something about it, contact ACCC, start a small claims tribunal case, write to your local memeber of parliament (state and federal), otherwise accept what happened, forget it and move on, albeit a little wiser.

@ Really - you missed the

@ Really - you missed the point regarding the Telstra analogy. It was a hypothetical. If you want a real case go to the Adelaidenow news website and search for this article May 8 2010 about a MP's Telstra bill. "The MP, his son and a $10,000 phone bill" How Telstra can legitimately charge any customer on any plan $4000 for a one hour and six minute download session staggers my imagination.

Prefer to whinge instead of confront the issue? Go ahead - write a complaint to Jetstar, get the email where they give you a number and advise that it will be a minimum of 15+ working days (more than 3 weeks) before you get a response. Wait several months and still not receive a resolution.. then tell me if it is the customer or Jetstar that isn't confronting the issue.

dont be so mean guyz! after

dont be so mean guyz! after all, the call center staff r most probably malaysian, so they have less education than us aussies and less inteligance. not there fault, theyre just malaysian.

@ Remmy, suck me nuts, enjoy

@ Remmy, suck me nuts, enjoy the Filipinos after this, they probably giving off HJ's for 5 bucks while answering your calls, enjoy!

Jetstar phone staff are

Jetstar phone staff are beyonD Imbeciles --- NOBODY COULD BE THAT STUPID they must surely do it all on purpose??!!!!