Jetstar valuair medan-singapore delayed

Flight delay due to crewing requirement ? are not jetstar knowing that now is holiday season and should have done enough preparation? It called valuair instead of jetstar when you reached the airport, felt like being cheated by the brand where the actual operator might not be jetstar but still valuair,
I will never ever fly with jetstar because of this, would rather pay more than wasting my time for their preventable excuse like "due to crew requirement". A few flights with the airline are enough to see if it worth your pick, not so clean airplane plus poor management, jetstar definately a no way for me from now onward.



Picked Jetstar because the

Picked Jetstar because the times were the most suitable for our trip. Perth to Singapore flight delayed 3 hours. Annoying but bearable but the return flight on 29th July was unbelievable! We checked before leaving our hotel and everything was as scheduled but when we got to the airport we were told there was a delay of almost 11 hours and would not now be leaving until 4.50am. No offer of a hotel or anything! The excuse was 'weather' in Perth. The weather in Perth was fine and other airlines flights from Singapore to Perth left on time, it was just unfortunate for us they were full! We paid for a hotel and dinner and have applied to Jetstar for out of pocket expenses. We don't hold out much hope, especially as on the plane a tired young mum with 2 kids asked if her drink was complimentary because of the outrageous delay and was told she had to pay for it! I couldn't believe my ears! This was my first and last time using Jetstar and everyone we spoke to on that flight said the same!