Jetstar will not refund duplicate booking

I booked a flight with Jetstar from Manila to Perth on February 23 on the Jetstar website and paid with my Visa card. When I submitted the details the screen went blank so I presumed that the payment was not made as it was not confirmed, I then went through the process and this time I paid with my Diners card, the payment was processed but when I checked my email I had two confirment bookings for the same flight. I then rang customer service in Melbourne and was told that the payment by Diners would be reversed, When I received my monthly statements I was charged for the fare on both Diners and Visa. I then rang customer service and was told that I would have to fax in both statements to the Jetstar head office on <0392777907> that was about a month ago and as yet Jetstar has not responded. One would expect that Jetstar being part of Qantas would treat its frequent flyers much better. The appalling customer service of Jetstar not only damages that company but also the Qantas brand.
Regards, George



Jetstar has no frequent flyer

Jetstar has no frequent flyer program and is operated completely independently from Qantas. Frequent Flyer members get no special treatment or privileges on Jetstar. That said, your money should have been refunded within the 15 working days outlines on their customer guarantee. If that hasn't happened, keep pestering them, and also claim against the breach of their customer guarantee and get a $50 travel voucher.
In future, if the page freezes or goes blank after entering card details, it would be a good idea to call to make sure it didn't process.

@ Anonymous - you should read

@ Anonymous - you should read the complaint - George isn't saying he is a Qantas FF - he is implying that he is a regular flyer with Jetstar and Qantas. Jetstar are owned by Qantas and their details are included in the Qantas annual report. What Jetstar does DOES effect Qantas' reputation - anything else is denial and blame shifting. With regard to refunds - there are so many late refund complaints listed on this site it seems that the slow processing of refunds must be an unofficial policy rather than a an unfortunate occurrence and the customer guarantee isn't worth the paper (or pixels) it's printed on. George - fly a different airline next time.

Just do what i did. cancel

Just do what i did. cancel your QFF and tell them why. Qantas and Jetstar are one company when it suits them.

@ Second Phil - Cancelling

@ Second Phil - Cancelling your QFF is a good idea.. but actually I'm not sure that they would care. Qantas is losing money and Jetstar is making money - largely from behaving badly. I really think that the current Qantas/Jetstar management only care about the profits. I am quite sure they're working on the stats- piss off 5% of customers, keep 100% of the staff under their thumb.. and double the profits. It's not so different to what happened with the banking industry in the USA- in fact I think Bruce Buchanan is ex Boston Consulting. Therefore the only factors that will hurt them are revenue/profit and the share price. So encourage people not to fly with them, no matter how many $1 fare sales they offer.

George - get straight onto

George - get straight onto either Visa (via your back) or Diners TODAY and dispute the transaction. Do not rely on Jetstar to do anything.

You do realise that credit

You do realise that credit card statements are once a month and the refund process takes approx 3 weeks (or it should at least). Are you positive it's not going to be reversed on the next statement?

@ Second Anonymous - what

@ Second Anonymous - what utter rubbish.. Jetstar's refund process may take 3 weeks, but if it does it's because Jetstar want it that way. Most Visa card holders these days can check accounts hourly & daily through internet or phone banking. As far as the visa system goes- a refund is issued either immediately or within 24 hours. It's called electronic banking.

I am trying to get my refund

I am trying to get my refund re double billing and have just forwarded a letter to the CEO via registered mail. Highlighted all issues. Wonder whether that will help. Gotto say that their call centre sucks and no one seems to know what is happening. And we have to fax in our request for refund (in the era of internet) and they claimed they never receive my fax. Hello??? I spoke to almost 10 persons of no value at all. Just don't fly Jetstar next time.