JQ37 Cancellation

I was supposed to fly out to Bali for a week yesterday afternoon. I'd booked and paid in advance for a business class ticket, return from Sydney to Bali. I did my web checkin at around 11am, no notification that the flight would be cancelled. I got to the airport, just over two hours before my flight, took my place in the business class queue, and was then asked to come forward. On the way to the counter, the staff member asked me where I was going. I said Bali, and she said, oh, the flight has been cancelled due to "engineering issues". I was told to stand and wait at the service counter.

I stood and waited for about 10 minutes, only to be told that I could fly out in 24 hours time, or I could try my luck at the Flight Centre at the airport. Unbelievable!. I said, that wasn't really good enough. I was expected in Bali that evening. I'd booked and paid for my hotel, booked and paid for my driver at the other end and was supposed to meet a friend at the airport. But, they weren't interested.
I wandered over to the flight centre and after waiting for almost 20 minutes, was given an option of flying one way with Virgin that evening for the cost of $2100. I said, I wasn't going to pay for a one way ticket, unless I could be guaranteed that I could get a partial refund for my ticket with Jetstar. The return ticket was going to be $3600, a price I just couldn't afford.

So, off to Jetstar I marched to ask for a refund. I don't think it was an engineering issue at all. I think, because there was a problem with the train network in Sydney, the staff couldn't get to the airport on time. Now I'm out of pocket $2000 and because travel insurance doesn't cover engineering issues under cancellation cover, I won't get anything back for the expenses I've incurred. My hotel is non refundable and I'm going to be left chasing up a refund with what must be Australia's worst airline, if not the worst airline in the world.

Thank you Jetstar for ruining my holiday.

Indonesia-Denpasar (Bali)


We Love Bali.. Sadly JetStar

We Love Bali..
Sadly JetStar Airlines attempted to spoil our memories of Bali.
After the nightmare trip on Jetstar (JQ38) from Bali on 8th October 2014 (actually leaving 9th October 2014). A trip in which we believe all the conditions of sale (contract) were broken by Jetstar. A trip were we were treated as aged idiots (perhaps by racists but definitely by geriogynists ) we are seeking redress and recompense. To this end we will be as of tomorrow seeking legal advice as to legal redress and compensation available to us. We will be alleging that on these dates Jetstar breached the contract sold to us , that Jetstar vicariously treated us in a discriminatory manner .(Ageism and Racist) That Jetstar (vicariously ) intimidated us into not complaining further at the actual time. That Jetstar (vicariously and in fact ) put our health at risk by denying us the product purchased paid,confirmed and documented. That in its prosecution of these allegations publicly humiliated us , in that we were compelled to explain the reasons why our well being was being put at risk within viewing and hearing of complete strangers. That (vicariously) attempted to use provocation in the denial of these paid for services to incite public confrontation. That (vicariously) Jetstar attempted through implied denial of transport to have us confirm in public that we were happy with the way we were being treated. We confirm that we are outraged by the way Jetstar (vicariously) has treated us. We confirm that we feel we have been publicly humiliated by Jetstar. We are aware that Jetstar is aq budget Airline and do not expect more than what is promised and paid for . We previously we have been very (very) happy Jetstar Travellers , this journey has shown us another side to Jetstar travel and we can now understand why many thousands other passengers complain about Jetstar. We are not new to travel and over some 50 years of travelling by many modes , and travel providers, have never experienced what some may construe as a fraudulent transaction.

Do not travel with Jetstar We

Do not travel with Jetstar We were travel to Ho Chi Minh city our luggage were checked in From Auckland all the way to Ho Chi Minh ,but on the way back from Ho Chi Minh to New Zealand our luggages had to checked out at Melbourne airport and then checked in again We were running around at the airport go through custom in and out with Our luggages screen again and not really happy at all , We paid for the seats selection with my family I end up with changed to the difference seats at the back what is the point when you pay for your seat selection and you didnt get them ,