JQ811: My first-last-and-never-again-flight with Jetstar

I was on my way from Europe on the flight having with me 2 pieces of checked in luggage and 2 pieces of hand luggage. Jetstar staff weighed my two bags and said I have to pay $135 for excess luggage. I politely tried to explain to her that I’m coming from Europe and just our (my son’s and my) winter coats and boots would count for the excess luggage and I asked for some understanding. When she bluntly refused any discussion and possibly negotiating I said to her that I will take out my winter staff from our bags because the excess luggage would almost be the same as our tickets ($178). So we got out of the queue and took out our winter stuff, however when we returned they asked me to put on a scale not only my hand luggage but also winter coats we were having over my arm and MY HANDBAG. After that I asked does she want me to jump on a scale so she could include my weight as well. She then threatened to take me off the flight and said that I was rude.
And the JetStar stuff completely ignored that I paid $19 for the extra leg room and put us in an ordinary seat. Of course after they applied their’ gestapo’ methods earlier I didn’t dare to raise anything else, however I said to myself, and now to everyone, this will be my first, my last, and my never-again flight with the worst customer service airline! I know one should exercise caution with never again but that bed taste will ensure I will avoid them for a long time!
At the end of the day the “JetStar cheap flight” cost me:
*178 for the original ticket
*19 for the seat fee (they never allowed me to use!)
*1.30 carbon offset
*7 card payment fee
*100 for change fee (change was due to flight schedule changes of the other airline)
*135 for the excess luggage
Total $440.30
Quantas flight full price $368!



Jetstar staff get paid a

Jetstar staff get paid a commission when they charge for excess baggage. You should have put the coat on- at least that way they would have had to undress you to weigh it. Fly a different airline next time.

Your story reminds me if the

Your story reminds me if the issue with jetstar back around march 2009 or before when a heavier lady weighing abt 160 kg declared here position when she booked and they suggested and she agreed to buy two seats. the rotten mongrels though spilt the seats. that way they scored the extra bucks but she or the passengers next to here were no better off what a lousy act. it was to end up in court or before some commissioner but i have no idea how it turned out.but it just either shows the dumbness of these people or the deliberate way they go about screwing people. i think a psychiatrist would have a field day trying to work out some of the jetstar staff. i hope the screen their technical and flight crew better than they do the customer service lot. there clearly are mental issues at large in that place.

According to Jetstar's

According to Jetstar's website, after 21/1/2011, domestic rates for excess baggage are at $15 per kilo - $10 per kilo before the 21st of January. So even presuming the OP flew after the 21st, this still means that the OP had 9kg of excess baggage. Unless the OP was carrying lead weights in coats and boots, I sincerely doubt that these made up for the entirety of the OPs excess. Asking airline staff to overlook a few hundred grams to a kilo - fair enough. Asking them to overlook 9 or 15kg is a little rich.

And as per above anon - I really don't see exactly how the issues of a pax requiring an extra seat (someone, incidentally, who did have a geniune grievance) compare to those of a passenger with too much baggage.

Regarding the anon comment on

Regarding the anon comment on the fat lady vs the luggage yes there is no comparison But I do find the fat lady one interesting perhaps "Les than grunt ex Jetstar customer service" might care to comment on why they would have split the fat ladies seat so she only got to sit on one. I mean whats the point in having two seats for bigger people if one is 11c and their 32f. thats a bit of a stretch. but would you comment on why staff would do that and then comment from a customer service point how that is customer service. also do you know at all how the case ended up on this that was reported in the daily tele back in m arch 2009..

Vedrana - it's not rocket

Vedrana - it's not rocket science. Jetstar is a budget carrier. A business not a charity. They will not waive that amount of excess baggage for you. You should have done your research first, and perhaps purchased excess luggage at a cheaper rate prior to check in. Don't complain about change fees, every airline (not including flexible fares) apply these for people who change their mind.
The $19 seat fee should be refunded as per the Jetstar Customer Guarantee listed on their website. If you don't get a seat/meal/video unit etc that you paid for, its refunded. The call centre should be able to arrange that for you.

Um, why is it Jetstar's fault

Um, why is it Jetstar's fault that you breached the advertised baggage allowance?

If everyone asked for "compassion" when carrying kgs of extra baggage, the plane would never get off the ground.

AND the price of fares would

AND the price of fares would rise.

haha, I'm sorry i'm not

haha, I'm sorry i'm not laughing at you, i'm laughing at how ridiculous the situation is and know all too well EXACTLY what you mean!

I think Jetstar is just asking to get sued. Actually i was thinking to dedicate a site just for them and bad publicity, letting people know the truth about Jetstars customer service and poor business practices. If i chose to stay in australia i will make time in permanently letting everyone know about Jetstars unethical practices until they are run out of business. I think massive boycotts will do the trick...

My story:

I purchase 1 ticket from Philippines to Singapore, which was 117. There were repeated "error messages" on jetstars booking system which i later found out was a jetstars problem and said they were trying to fix the site. So I tried from different computers/connections several times with no success, didn't receive any confirmation for a booked ticket, nor did any ticket come through to me, just "error"

So then the next day i tried one more time, it worked. I checked my account that day and low and behold i was charged 6 times for the same ticket! (my previous tries the day before) + the one i just booked so that's 7. Ok so easy enough, i figured i'd just call jetstar and fix this simple mistake and have them refund the money to me.

haha, yeah right! (according to jetstar)

I ended up on the phone with jetstar over 10 times in a period of 3 months, and each time they told me the same thing "sir, you are a liar, you card was never charged, we don't have your money, there's nothing to refund"

I'm serious i was called a liar half of the times i called. This is even after i faxed bank statements to their finance department and followed up and everything. They said "yes sir, we have received your letter and your bank statements that list that you were charged on your card for the same ticket, but it wasn't us, that's just another company with the same name and same ticket and airline, sorry sir it wasn't us, we don't have your money"

yes this is the intellectual conversation i had with Jetstars finance department...

The short of it all, is i never did get it solved with jetstar. I ended up having to issue a dispute through my bank and 3 months later, after jetstar could not justify the charge to the bank (obviously) i was refunded not by jetstar, but my bank.

Nice free loan jetstar! Yet another way jetstar continues to rip off their customers and offer the worlds worst customer service FROM ANY BUSINESS. JETSTAR SHOULD NOT EVEN BE IN BUSINESS, THEY ARE SCUM.

I just feel bad for the workers that are being brainwashed by them to purposely make peoples lives difficult. I will celebrate the day jetstar goes out of business!