Kansai Airport - Jetstar check-in team

This was definitely the WORST airport experience, or commercial for that matter, I have ever received in my entire life. At 7.40-45pm I enquired at the check-in desk (i.e. JETSTAR by the way) specifically what the check-in procedure was, how to do it and then proceeded to notify the receptionist that I would be back shortly to check-in my baggage. I accept my mistake for misinterpreting the check-in times but at NO TIME during my firm and almost repetitive conversation with the receptionist did she let me know that it was last check-in time. She only stared at me blankly and allowed me to ignorantly rearrange my baggage for a few minutes, later return and be told I was being denied on the flight due to being a bit late. No other options were given to us, there was more than enough time to board and arrive at the gates, and every information desk or airport worker I spoke to (including the JETSTAR manager) could not help us at all or were not even aware of other flights we could change to- just "please check online". Horrible. As a result, we had to pay extra for the NEXT NIGHT. Meaning we had to exchange more cash, sleep on uncomfortable/ dirty/ dusty chairs, and miss important meetings for both my partner and I.

The manager of the Jetstar receptionist desk also did not provide any solutions, explain any logical policies, nor did he want to give me the name of the receptionist so that I could inquire further on my treatment - as he was clearly unwilling to rectify the situation. The latter of which I find absolutely appalling behaviour from the proposed 'highest supervisor', stating that he was the highest supervisor and inferring that my complaint could not go higher.

I propose that no one ever take Jetstar ever again, especially from Kansai airport. Besides their disgustingly long immigration lines, dirty chairs, archaic carry on policies, slow internet, expensive 'add-on' packages and obvious disregard to foreign flyers - to say this airline/ airport/ JETSTAR management team is unsatisfactory would be a MASSIVE understatement. Never again. Kansai has a long way to go before it can compete alongside other International airlines.

Japan-Osaka (Kansai International)


When will people learn.

When will people learn. Don't fly Jetstar.