Lack of customer service

Firslt i would like to start with the cabin crew om my flight. They were wonderful and i could not fault them at all.
My problem was i had to fly to Sydney as my elderly father was in Intensive Care after a serious car accident. On my flight there was a very rude obnoxious male who was already on his way to being drunk. He was very load and talking about sexual acts with children sitting two rows ahead of him and elderly people around him. The cabin crew limited his alcohol which upset him and so he starting making rude sexual comments about this staff which were total morally offensive. By this stage i was fed up and i spoke up and told him that what he had said was morally offensive and ut and out rude. He then made a sexual comment about me. I explained i was on my way to my sick fathers hospital bed and he should have consideration for others. The cabin crew were great and warned him to be quiet. And showed me great compassion and empthy.
The cabin crew asked me as i was leaving to make a formal complaint as they would be doing this.
I have email the "customer service" if you can call it that and got the reponse of the 15 day wait. I am now travelling back to Sydney this weekend as my father is still in intensive care and have been asked by the Dr's to try to arrive early in the day but i had already booked a late flight. I called the customer service to see if i can change my flight to an earlier one and was told to fill out a compassionate consideration form but that it would take guested it 15 days to process. This is outrageous as ok i don't care if i have to wait 15 days to get the money back but to have to wait 15 days before they every process this is outrageous considering this is for compassionate grounds. As jetstar is a company of Qantas i am now going to try to fix this through Qantas as i am a frequent flyer with them as is my whole family. Jetstar Shame on you and we should all agree to contact the media about this.

Australia-Sunshine Coast


Now what a bloody

Now what a bloody laugh....Just received a call from Jetstar thinking you beauty they are responding and it was a survey asking what i thought about their customer service ahahahahaha Talk about Jetstar rubbing salt into the wound. As you can imagine i gave them a 1 (lowest score) on each and every question asked.