At last, communications problems resolved

Have you had communication problems with Jetstar or Jetstar Asia? Communicating with them just via their WebChat service only to find ill-informed call centre staff unable to answer simple questions pertinent to the company’s operations? Have they maybe failed to live up to their Customer Guarantee?

So I have found a solution. Jetstar’s CEO is Gareth Evans and whilst he may not be able to personally respond to every enquiry, he is fastidious and wants things to be right. If he doesn’t respond to you personally he will definitely pass your enquiry to the correct person.

Gareth can be contacted via his email,


Have received an Email saying

Have received an Email saying you won't help me out with my BRAND NEW SUIT CASE ! Which was damaged on a flight from Hobart to Melbourne JQ712 26/6/18 . 0041600576. The only thing you have offered is a$100 voucher. To which I don't know how long it's valid to. Also I do not know when and how long it will be before I can travel. (Do not need a voucher I need a suit case!)You also stated that I should have read the conditions. I could not read the conditions, as this booking was made for me. I am a post liver transplant patient and am traveling forward and backwards from Hobart-Melbourne quite regularly. Due to complications. I need to come to the Austin Hospital in Heidelberg, because Tasmania Cannot offer this sort of special care! I am not asking for around the world trip, just a replacement! You could not tape over the rip as there is a hole!! Also you can see a big scrape going along my bag then the gouge with the hole. I am certain other customers would be angry about your lack of concern. When I am able to travel again I certainly won't be traveling with Jet Star!! I have also face booked this predicament, and it is being shared!!! I just hope this matter can be sorted, as I have said I am not wanting something unreasonable !Just reminding you I do not do the bookings so I don't get to read any of your conditions!

Leanne Fox

Hey Leanne,

Hey Leanne,

Don't forget to let Jetstar CEO know. His name is Gareth Evans and his email is