Left high and dry

Having booked almost a month in advance and paid for our fares (three people) traveling from Sydney to Adelaide on flight JQ768 11/05/18 departing at 3.55pm, received a text from Jetstar at 6:20am advising our flight was cancelled due to weather some 9 hours in advance!!! Funny, the weather in Sydney was fine...
Called Jetstar to ask if a later flight was available, and low and behold there just happened to be a flight a mere 65 minutes later at 5.00pm, same destination but sorry that is fully booked.... Strange, why wasn't this 5.00pm flight cancelled too at 6.20am, yet it took off as normal?
All Jetstar could offer was a Sunday flight. Mind you, forget about our travel plans in Adelaide, Hotel bookings, Sporting Venue Tickets all bought and paid for in advance that would all be finished before we even got there.
Had to scramble for tickets on another airline which cost us an extra $999.00 on top of the original Jetstar tickets!!

Went through the Jetstar process complained on line with the standard answer:
"Thank you for contacting Jetstar. I’m very sorry to hear that you experienced some disruption when travelling with us recently.
I can assure you that punctuality is very important to Jetstar and we put a lot of effort into getting every one of our flights away on time. I know how upsetting it is when things don’t go according to plan, especially when you need to be somewhere at a particular time or are looking forward to a well-earned break.
Unfortunately, we do occasionally have delays or cancellations because of operational requirements, our strict safety standards and situations outside of our control such as airport congestion or weather conditions. While I understand the inconvenience this may cause at times, there is no compromise on safety. Operating requirements vary by aircraft type and we will always follow the appropriate safety measures for our aircraft, which may sometimes mean we cancel or re-route services whilst other airlines continue to fly.
I apologise if you weren’t accurately updated on what was happening with your flight. I know it doesn’t excuse the lack of service, or make up for the frustration you experienced - but please bear in mind that once a flight is delayed or cancelled, it can be hard for us to predict exactly how long the delay will last. The situation with the aircraft or conditions can change suddenly or unexpectedly, and there’s always a huge amount of sorting out to be done behind the scenes.
As I’m sure you can understand, sometimes the circumstances of a delay are outside of our control. As we explain in our Conditions of Carriage; in these circumstances Jetstar tries to assist customers to get to their destination, but isn’t responsible for paying any other costs or expenses. As such, I’m not able to provide you with any reimbursement or compensation.
I’m disappointed that you felt we dealt with this situation poorly. We would always expect our staff to provide a professional and helpful service and I’m sorry if we didn’t meet your expectations on this occasion. We use all feedback provided to drive improvements in future operations and communications with our customers so we appreciate your comments.
Thank you again for following this up with us. I hope that we are able to welcome you on board a Jetstar flight in the future.
Yours sincerely,
Jetstar Customer Care Team"
It is a total ripoff that Jetstar can do this to hundreds of passengers and get away with it!!



We need a senate enquiry into

We need a senate enquiry into Jetstar

All I can say is I've heard

All I can say is I've heard and seen way to many stories like this about Jetstar. We had a hiccup with them about 6 years ago where a booking a month in advance ended up with a wrong return date after their site crashed mid booking. After they stitched me up with huge penalties to correct it I switched to Virgin. In 6 years with virgin and scores of flights never had a cancellation and only about 2 short delays. The two companies are like chalk and cheese. Vote with your feet.

When they claim

When they claim "circumstances beyond our control" they are often lying.
Flight schedules mean that crews earn significant penalty rates if they work overtime, and have limits on the time they can spend in the air. So if a flight is delayed getting into an airport, the crew wont have time to make it back to their home airport before being paid extra. If another crew is not availble: cancel the flight.