Hi all,

I have a similar story to tell as all of you. I had my flight cancelled, and promises about accomadation paid for and expenses being reclaimable all be broken. I have no had over 5 seperate conversations with customer service where I have been told someone senior would call me. Never recieved a call. I am still around $600 out of pocket because of Jetstar.

ALAS they have given us a platform to give them feedback. http://www.jetstar.com/au/en/stories/HomePage.aspx Go to this website and tell Jetstar your story. how they have treated you like shit and how they don't care about their customers. Show them what we really think of their fantastic services.

Australia-Melbourne - Avalon


Unfortunately their feedback

Unfortunately their feedback website is only interested in possitive comments and all negative stories will be trashed. Jestar read these comments on this site and see most of our complaints as trivial as most people do not include their name so its not taken seriously. I will simply vote with my wallet and not use them again.