Lied to and then no response to complaint

Firstly I love your website, misery loves company!

Back at the beginning of April we were enroute to Fiji via Sydney (from my home in Bali) on another carrier but got stalled in Sydney when a tropical storm blew through and, like many, we never actually made it to Fiji. The other carrier have fully refunded our ticket held with them, Jetstar however continue to give us the run around.

I actually booked the tickets with jetstar when the other carrier couldnt rebook us for several days but offered a refund instead. I took the refund choosing to book with Jetstar on their flight the following day. At the time of booking I clearly asked the agent, three times, in words of one syllable, if I would get a full refund in the event of cancellation due to bad weather. Three times the agent said I would and on the basis of that information i went ahead and made the booking.

They cancelled the flight, due to bad weather, and (of course, seeing as i am taking the time to write this) they will not offer a refund. They want me to take the famous Jetstar voucher with all its terms and conditions... what I want is cash money back on my credit card as promised.

I have been through the complaint process, been a good boy and filled in the online form, submitted it and waited the appropriate time for no response. I have called the reservations team several times and they always give me their stock answer about emailing the Customer Care (hilarious term!) team and that I would get a response in 48 hours.... NOT! In fact I now call the reservations team and tell them what they are about to tell me (I am getting word perfect on the script for dealing with irate and snearingly sarcastic customers... i.e. me).

So there you are, dont travel Jetstar. Dont believe a word they tell you and dont pay for crappy service.

Thank you and goodnight!



*****UPDATE***** Imagine my


Imagine my amazement when i received the letter below, I have now received my refund as promised.

I have to be fair and say, thank you Jetstar... but your Customer Services communication sucks, how easy it would have been to drop me an email weeks ago saying someone was looking in to the complaint, instead of completely ignoring me.

Dear Mr Marsh,
Thank you for contacting Jetstar.
I apologise for the miscommunication you experienced when dealing with booking
reference XXXXX. I can confirm that the agent did promise a refund of your booking if
you flight was cancelled due to flooding in Nanning.
The amount of $XXXX AUD will be refunded to the credit card used to pay for the
booking. Please allow at least 15 working days for the transaction to be processed.
Thank you again for following this up with us.
Yours sincerely,
Michael Mirabito
Manager Customer Experience

Good to hear, though I would

Good to hear, though I would not be counting my chickens before I saw the money in my account.
It would be good if you could give us another update when you see the money. I have heard of people being told they would receive a refund but not actually seeing the cash for a very long time. I hope you are not one of them though.