LONG Immigrations & PILOT did NOT wait 2 minutes more for LOYAL Passenger

Suvarnabhumi (BKK) Immigration was so long and tedious it caused me to be late for checking into the Boarding gate. I reached there on time & but the ground handlers have already locked the gate in the front, preventing me from going into the aircraft.

they claimed that I was late but I tried to explain that I ran from the Immigrations to the C1 boarding Gate, they didn't have the heart to let me in & said that I was too late but the aircraft was still parked there.

I complained to the immigrations and told them too long queues & X-ray checks were too long.... I tried to ask people for help & tried to get assistance but no one helped!!

Also, I think that the captain & crew didn't have the decency to wait even 1 minute longer to allow me to board...

This is ultimately atrocious & I never, in my whole 35 years of flying have anything like this happened to me.

I practically RAN & flew as fast I could to the gate... and you already know that BKK airport is super huge & ineffiicient...

How could you allow your staff to ill treat a loyal and frequent flyer like me???

I have been supporting your airline for years & this is the first time I'm writing in a HUGE complaint.



This is why you need to get

This is why you need to get to the airport very early no good blaming immigration this is not jetstars fault

Well, you try & then let me

Well, you try & then let me know.... I can run like a cheetah... I was early... the immigrations held me back... the gate was way too far away... I hope this will happen to you one day.