Lost Luggage - Jetstar not helping!

Myself and three friends have just flown from Sydney - Melbourne - Singapore - Ho Chi Minh City.

The flights from Melbourne were significantly delayed, which left us rushing to the terminal directly from our flight once we landed in Singapore. The Jetstar staff at Singapore terminal assured us we didnt have to check our luggage in again and they would put them on the Singapore-Ho Chi Minh City flight.

Guess what? They didn't. We arrived in Ho Chi Minh City to find no bags.
After calling every contact number we could find on the Jetstar website, we are nowhere closer to finding our bags!
Singapore Airport doesnt have any record of them. It seems Jetstar have done NOTHING to lodge a request to find our stuff.

Anyone have any ideas on ways we could get some help?

I will NEVER fly Jetstar again now.

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine


Contact Melbourne and Sydney

Contact Melbourne and Sydney airports directly, maybe? I'm sorry, but jetstar has done everything they can, in other words, nothing. Bags just dont disappear, either Sydney or Melbourne has them.
Dont rely on these incompetent retards, they wont help you at all.
(sorry for your troubles)

Cheers Travis. I've tried

Cheers Travis. I've tried contacting Melbourne Jetstar, it is impossible to get to talk to the right person.

I guess we have learned an expensive, but important, lesson: Jetstar's prices are low for a reason!

Did you fly on JQ7 Jetstar

Did you fly on JQ7 Jetstar Flight that was delayed for 3 hours in Melbourne ? Arrived in Singapore and did the mad dash to catch the connecting flight ?

I caught the flight to Malaysia that day and all the passengers from JQ7 flying from Singapore to Malaysia had the same issue. I had to do the job of tracking my bag and all the other Malaysian bound passenger's bags. It seems that Jetstar was not even aware that the bags were not on board AND ground staff had lied to me, not once, but three times,

1) twice at the check in gate
2) once on board before we took off.

It represents a serious security breach as the airline lost visibility passengers bags. One passenger being effected, understood, but all ? Happy to provide some advice if you have not tracked your bags down (a.chewie@gmail.com)