Magical disappearing price trick

Buyer beware when buying tickets on Jetstar Airlines website. Imagine filling your car with fuel and when you went to pay for it the price had over doubled in time you were at the pump. You would not stand for it. But that's exactly what Jester Airlines does.

Yesterday I selected a flight to Brisbane from Melbourne for $69. A good deal so I started the process to buy went through all the options that adds 5 minutes to the process. All the time the side panel showed the price at $69 despite all the airline's attempts to increase the price of tickets with extras.

Finally I navigated to the payment bit and in a flourish that would do a Las Vegas magician proud the $69 tickets vanished, Morphed into $149 tickets.

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine


They have duplicity down to a

They have duplicity down to a fine art.

Think you will find the seat

Think you will find the seat was $69. the taxes, cost for using credit card. = $149.

This happens all the time in

This happens all the time in all booking sites. It's simple supply and demand. Whilst you were booking the limited number of seats at the lower price have been sold to someone else, then the price jumps up to the next level. Try booking seats on ticketmaster whilst demand is high - seats disappear quicker than you can complete the booking.

Did you get the $69 price?? I

Did you get the $69 price?? I am trying to get the $109 each way Townsville to Sydney, but web site does not allow it. I made a complaint and Jetstar will respond within 15 days!! Then they will not honour the fare!! Any tips?? Cheers