Misleading and Deceitful Advertising for Upgrades

I was due to fly to Brisbane for Easter, flying out of Melbourne on the 31st of March and returning 8th of April 2021.

As we all know, Brisbane underwent a 3 day lockdown, become a red-zone (No travel without exemption) for Victorians. Thus, as it pained me to do, had to cancel my trip to Brisbane to see my family over the long weekend.

Jetstar sends me a voucher for one of my cancelled flights, i figure given it is a busy period they will be issuing the returning flight closer to the time of the flight (8th of April).

Easter had passed, and late afternoon on the 7th of April, I noticed i haven't received a credit for my return flight yet. I decide to go onto the customer chat function and enquire as to the progress of this voucher. The initial comms with person on the other line is cordial and they look into my case.

They subsequently advise me that, even though, i had upgraded my flight to include cancellation rights and flexibility, which they were more than happy to pocket the difference paid, that in any case of upgrades it does not matter that they advertise that said upgrade will purportedly entitle you to cancellation rights and flexibility as original fare rules will still apply.

This is a rort of the highest order, as they not only continuously pester and bother you for uprgades through all process of bookings and cancellations but to also have the nerve to not honour what they have advertised.

I have subsequently checked the travel voucher they have issued me initially and for reasons unbeknownst it has been voided.

This case i will take to the Fair trades ombudsman as it is a flagrant and explicit mislead of consumers.

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine


Hi can you please let me know

Hi can you please let me know the outcome of this issue? I have the same problem with jetstar, they sent me a voucher but little did I know it was voided.

Same problem here. Got

Same problem here. Got voucher for flights canceled during covid, go to use it and someone else has used the voucher already and jetstar can’t help me they say…. I haven’t been near a airport and obviously haven’t used the voucher. After 5 phone calls and multiple emails I’ve yet to get any advance on any front. Just a sorry can’t help ya.
Bullshit. Going to fair trade now as seems all I can do.