More than AUD $3500 worth of luggage lost

So my partner and I had purchased many pairs of shoes in Japan prior to flying from Taiwan to Bali via Singapore, which in total value is approximately AUD $2000 with proof of purchases, and have about AUD $3500 + worth of things in one suitcase, plus I spent a good amount of money to take excess baggage so I can take the shoes with me back to New Zealand ( which is where I live) after Bali. After a long 13 hour transit in Singapore being scared to death by the machine gun carrying police checks and the rudest and ugliest airline counter bitches, we depart for Bali all happy, naive and trusting. After arriving in Bali and paying the Jurassic entrance Visa gate we head to collect our luggage, only to notice all of our bags were gathered into one pile, when we went to collect the bags we noticed the main suitcase was lost. Being in Bali we started to become concerned and suspicious, some of the airport staff came to assist us which is unusual we were told to the lost bag counter and report the lost bag. they told us they will look for the suitcase for 7 days, after 5 long days of trying to enjoy our holiday in Bali with so much brand new things lost and many many skype conversations with Jetstar customers service call center, My partner and I flew to Melbourne for one week which was part of our trip to head back to New Zealand, so we visited the Head office which we found the address from this website, they were so shocked to how we found them and tried to intimidate us by saying this is not where you come to make complaints you've come to the corporate office, I mean how RUDE! Well we got to speak with one of their customers services desk clerks who surprisingly was very nice. We went away thinking our problems will be solved, after arriving back in New Zealand for 3 weeks and collecting as much evidence we could for everything that was lost, jet star responded they will pay me, a compensation rate of fucking NZ $625 which is about AUD $500 FUCK! They made us fill out all this information and wasted all my time collecting and gathering evidence for my lost things which I bought with my money and then have dare to be confident to only compensate me for 5 times less than what I claimed for.

They compensate by weight which is US$20 per kg.

I don't know what to say except I have utter disappointment and distrust in the company, my story is too long but I am so agitated to what they have put me through and the end result was not even close to what was promised.

Jet star sucks!

Indonesia-Denpasar (Bali)


David, don't let them

David, don't let them intimidate you with their contract condition nonsense. If they lost your luggage and if you have the receipts to show that you had those items in your suitcase you are LEGALLY entitled to get all your money back. All corporations have a duty of care to ensure that the customer and their belonging are looked after when in their custody. Jetstar is the scum of Australian airline industry. They are masters of ignoring customer complaints and if that doesn't work then they resort to intimidating you by telling you about the contract conditions. The fact of the matter is that their contract is worth jack shit if they don't conform to the Australian (and I assume NZ) fair trading act. I am no lawyer but I chased Jetstar for 5 months and I won in a court of law against them. I am telling you this from experience. Please please please don't let them get away with it like they do with most people who can't be bothered to stand by their principles. I took them to court for $21.50 and won. They even had to pay my out of pocket expenses. Read my case here titled "Result of law suite against Jetstar" and take them to your version of the Small Claims Tribunal. Most probably Jetstar will pay you off even before you go to hearing. They are scared shitless to attend a court hearing. It's simply not worth their while. But even if they didn't you will win because of the reason I explained earlier.

Good luck and let us know how you go.

why didn't you buy travel

why didn't you buy travel insurance like everyone else does ? l mean with luggage worth that much you should have ,then you wouldn't have this problem

So it's the clients fault now

So it's the clients fault now Robert, they would still have the same problem because they wouldn't have their things.