Mr Alan Ackroyd

I have just returned from Bangkok on JQ30 on the 10th febuary a 9.25 pm flight. As I had extra baggage for this trip a charge came with it . Thinking I was being charged 1400 bht $56 au. Only to find out when checking my bank account I had been charged $570 au. I have spoken to JET STAR and was told no refund and they basically have no cap on what they charge at the counter. It's a joke and a disgrace that they can get away with this. $28.50 PER KILO COST MORE THAN MY FLIGHT TICKET

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine


Alan: My wife and I were

Alan: My wife and I were similarly deceived by Jetstar. If your ticket confirmation presented misleading information, you might be able to have your credit card company reverse the charges ... if you can prove their documentation was deceptive or fraudulent. From my perspective, Jetstar deliberately provides incomplete and misleading info with the express intention of trapping unsuspecting passengers into paying usurious baggage fees. It's pretty disgusting. Doug