Mr Huang

We flew from Sydney of Australia to Honolulu yesterday 8/1/2016 , airliner is Jetstar, Flight number JQ3.

we (3 people) were treated unfairly by airline luggage checkin.
We had 3 luggages checked in at the counter. weight is average 10kg/ bag
We were charged AU$160, total $480 ( equal to US$364 ). We were told the gate was closed soon and did not have time to reject. We were not advised to carry-on by hand to avoid this charge( we should carry on by hand). We were not told to charge $160/per bag when we purchased airline ticket.

How can we complain ? we bought airline ticket using credit card, but paid charge of AU$480 using cash. Thanks

they can charge. but rate is too high and did not let us know when we bought tickets.

United States-Honolulu


my family was fleeced without

my family was fleeced without time to even respond and need to go for boarding.

It does tell you on the

It does tell you on the website, during the booking process:

"Strict limits apply to carry-on baggage and charges will apply for excess or oversized carry-on baggage. Plus, adding checked baggage after booking costs a lot more."

It did not say $160/bag.

It did not say $160/bag.