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Just curiosity really, I would just like to know why jetstar is always so delayed, I have not yet to this day flown out from Avalon airport without an extensive delay my flight was supposed to leave at 10 pm and is now not leaving till midnight. Come on jetstar one half hour or one hour delay but 2 hours I would just like to arrive in Brisbane once at a reasonable time instead of 1 o'clock in the morning. To be given a reason for tHe delay would be good, I just find it interesting as to why this always happens lift your game and offer the service you say you provide to your customers because at the moment it sucks thank you.

Australia-Melbourne - Avalon


Probably a different reason

Probably a different reason every time, lots of stuff needs to be organised before a plane can even board passengers let alone take off. The reason you hear most often is "operational reasons" which encompasses a lot of different things from technical issues with the plane itself, to issues with the number of available crew, to issues with the weight balance of passengers in the seats which then have to be re-allocated with as little disruption as possible... it's all very complicated.

Delays are almost never the

Delays are almost never the airlines fault : have you ever watched them change a tyre? : seriously I can't change a tyre on my car that quick!
: my point being : they all have "TIME-SLOTS" to take-off and land in : there is usually No-other Slot ; so if the 'landing' slot has been 'used-up' [say by bad-weather] at the destination airport then they have to change their take-off slot ; but there are VERY-FEW other take-off time-slots : so they might be delayed for two-hours if the airport is congested.
- if you get onto the tarmac on a still, clear night : have a look back at the direction you flew in : you will see headlight, after headlight, after headlight, after . . . . there are no gaps ; it is like the end of the movie Die Hard 2 up there !
- the planes which are "UP" must land : that is the priority [not take-offs]