My Complaint letter to Jetstar after flight cancelled....

Two of us flying back to Christchurch on the Sunday - and received a txt message at 3.51am (sunday morning) advising flight had been cancelled and ring 0800 800 995 for "recovery options" (who thought up this wording shouldn't it be for re-booking?).

When I awoke at 7.30am I rang Jetstar on the above number at 7.30am. The call was not answered until 9.30am - 2 HOURS - have you ever waited for a call to be answered for 2 HOURS - I would assume not - I have never waited this length of time in my life before. Utterly ridiculous!!!! What if I had not been on a landline and been on a cell phone? The battery would not have lasted for 2 HOURS - as it was, the phone did run out of charge and I had to quickly get another phone before I lost the call. During this 2 HOURS all that could be heard was the continually drooning advertising of JETSTAR and how wonderful it was - so you can imagine by the time someone did answer - this customer was very nearly ready to EXPLODE!!!!!! (By the way I would suggest - if you care - to take a leaf out of IRD's book - they ask you to leave your name and phone number and they ring you back - your call continues in the waiting line and then someone rings you back when they get to your message - this is what you call "customer service". THIS WOULD HAVE TO BE MY MAIN COMPLAINT - although it does continue.

Upon someone "eventually" answering the call - I am then told that the flight has been cancelled "due to the airport cancelling it" (Tui Ad - "Yeah Right") - and this was the excuse given - do you think we are morons?

THEN I was advised that we would not be able to get on a flight that day - the next available flight was Monday at 12.05pm. We had checked your flights during our 2 hour wait and noted that there were flights going at 17.40 and 10.00pm (but were advised that these flights were already full). I was very annoyed that if Jetstar intends on cancelling flights then they should automatically rebook those people onto flights available, and not wait until they ring (or try to ring) to do so.

I advised the lady on the phone that this was not suitable as I had work the next day (Monday) and Stephanie had school (being from Christchurch we have already had alot of days off due to earthquakes and snow - it was not satisfactory to have more time off.). This was the reason I had paid "a fair price" for our tickets (they were not your cheap $27 or $49 flights). But to no avail.

THEREFORE due to this inconvenience - we had to organise another night to stay in Auckland - lucky my brother lives there and I did not have to pay for accommodation, organise trips to the airport and trip from the Christchurch airport to home - I feel sorry for the people that have to pay alot of money to have to do this. I had to ring my work and advise them - and that means for me an extra days leave which I have had to take.

This is all very frustrating - I have only flown with Jetstar twice before and not had any problems and so thought that the comments people made about it being "unreliable" were a bit harsh. I now know "at first hand" how unreliable and unprofessional your airline is.

It would take alot for me to fly Jetstar again as I would rather pay a bit more and go with Air NZ whom I have never had a problem with. Word of mouth is a powerful tool.

Sent complaint – 29/8/11 and 30/8/11

Their reply: 2/9/11 (it is now 15 working days and I still have not heard any further from them)!!!! They sent email advising it could take up to 15 working days to reply!!! Great service aye?

Thank you for submitting your feedback. It’s really valuable to have your first-hand account on how we can improve our service at Jetstar.
Now that you have submitted your feedback, we will either email or post you a written acknowledgement which will provide you with a Case ID to quote in future correspondence. It will also provide you with information about when you can expect a response from our Customer Care team.
If your feedback or query relates to imminent travel (within 72 hours), please contact our Customer Care team on 131 538 and one of our analysts will assist you.
Please note that we will not respond to feedback containing inappropriate language (e.g. expletives, threats of a malicious nature) or if you fail to provide accurate contact details or legitimate booking information.

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15 days is pretty standard

15 days is pretty standard across the board if you do your research. I submitted a complaint to Virgin Australia a few months ago and it took them 2 months to formally reply. I'm sure you can wait a few weeks... There are other more important things in life.

"Recovery" is also pretty standard wording across the industry. When a flight is cancelled you need to recover the passengers.

It also works better for airlines to speak to the people first before rebooking their flight time because often the person won't want the new time and wish to cancel completely or fly with another carrier. ie. someone was automatically put on the 17:40 flight but didn't want it, and in doing so stopping people like you from having that seat. Sake mense?

I understand that it will

I understand that it will work better if you speak directly to the people concerned - however it is not acceptable to wait on a phone for 2 HOURS!!!! before someone answers it. I would assume you have never had to do that? If you had you would know the frustration that I feel, and I would assume countless others.

It is unacceptable as some people only have cell phones and their battery would not last that long. Some people also only have one cordless phone and also the battery does not last that long. Jetstar should be taking this complaint as a learning curve and not just ignoring it (which is how I feel - after now waiting the 15 days with no reply). Looks like I might be waiting the 2 months as well - if they ever reply!!

Got charged $192 to change

Got charged $192 to change the name on a two way booking.



Seriously this airline is a joke. I flew from Taipei to Singapore and was supposed to transfer going to Phuket and they didn't tell me I had to check in again in Singapore. Si I thought they'd give me the second boarding pass at the gate. I went to the gate 45 minute before boarding and they told me that I couldn't get on this flight because I didn't check in. They didn't tell me anything about where my luggage was. A guy from the security helped me with that.
They were so unprofessional at the gate and then when I went to the service desk they ask me to pay $100 to take the flight from 8:30 PM. (My initial flight was at 8:20 am)
I tried to discuss and their tone went up. They didn't want to hear anything and I asked to talk to the manager and Mis NUR FAZEELA working for Jetstar gave a big "NO" she repeated 3 times.
Yes NUR FAZEELA gave me a small paper with a list of numbers to call customer service (one of the number is from Walmart headquarter, a total joke). I ended up booking a flight with Air Asia. The service is the worst ever.

Jetstar is a disgrace I

Jetstar is a disgrace I booked for 3 days in Bali with my cousin who is visiting from England, by the time it came to fly 14 flight changes later I had only two days in Bali canceled trip.i will never fly Jetstar or recommend it to anyone ever. I am ashamed it is an Australian Airline