Name change debacle

I haven't used Jetstar in a while...too many bad on one of their many promotional emails,i I actually managed to find a good deal (never actually find good deals for the flights you need, surprise surprise), so I booked it! Short flight from Napier to Auckland to see my daughter take part in a competition.
Unfortunately, my mother fell ill and I had to book an international flight to go see her. I called Jetstar to advise that my circumstances had changed and I wanted to transfer the ticket to my other daughter, so she could attend the competition in my absence. BUT i received a VERY rude and unaccommodating response, I even suggested i send them my flight itinerary so they could see I was being honest.
Charge for a name change: $266 on an $89 ticket.
There was no waivering, understanding, sympathy, empathy, compassion or even basic customer service.
"Just forfeit the ticket and buy another one"😟
I'M APPALLED!!!! You really are the worst, thanks for proving that for the last time!!

New Zealand-Auckland


Feeling very ripped off

Feeling very ripped off having been charged $60 for an additional 2kg of hand luggage. I'd paid for checked in luggage but opted not to check luggage in as my flight connection in Sydney was tight. The weighing workers were what I'd describe as officious, robotic and "towing the party line". Given that I'd paid for checked in luggage and I myself am pretty slight some discretion would have been appreciated (plus a little humanity, hospitality from the workers in Cairns).
I'll be voting with my feet and will not fly Jetstar again.