Never going by Jetstar Again

well i was sitting at the airport from 5am till 8pm they kept getting delays
Well they offered a $100 voucher which doesnt even work wen you go online to activate it doesnt work.
Even wen you call their call centre wen they cant answer your question they just hang up on you.Had enough of jetstar got all the records and plaining to take it further

New Zealand-Christchurch


Horrible. What a joke.

Horrible. What a joke. Swine.
Yeah, take it as far as you can.
What a disgrace of an air line. No customer service, no service at all. Just lame arse "vouchers" to try and distract you from what they really are: Dogs.

Oh Travis, you're always so

Oh Travis, you're always so melodramatic...
Mary, just complain through their website. Don't waste your time here.

We got vouchers from a 16

We got vouchers from a 16 hour delay in Honolulu and the check in employee took and refused to give it back