Never try to change your booking..

My partner and I booked a flight from Sydney to Melbourne over the phone.something I will never do again..however we finally got sorted only to find that my partners name was spelt wrong . This was fixed quiclkly . Then a circumstance occured that meant we had to change our flight date. According to the Fare Rules included in the flight comfirmation it clearly states that changes can be made . Now all we wanted to do was change the date by one month.. same flight No ,same destination and same time. We found like so many others it seems that a $50 EACH non-refundable charge is applicable . There is absolutely NO mention of the amount of this charge and I guess like others we assuned that it may be like the $6 booking fee maybe a bit more.. but $50 is outrageous. I have been fobbed off and kept waiting on the phone for hours (not an exagerration ), the staff have parrotted the response that is basically pay it or loose the booking! Even asking to speak to a Supervisor made no difference the called seemed to time out. I will never fly with Jetstar again . I will strongly advise my friends and family not to fly with them either.

On the other hand we had a much better experience wiyh Qantas. We had booked a flight with them to come back. They were really great and gave us a credit that lasts for up to 12 months.

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine


Fiona, you are ridiculous.

Fiona, you are ridiculous. You book a frigging budget airline and expect the world. Of course you have a better experience at Qantas, they are full service for f#*ks sakes. Jetstar is very simple - pay for what you want and take it. You don't want it anymore, pay to change the date. There is no credit system like Qantas.
In response to your second criticism... Name me any airline who you have booked over the phone with and had them (without you asking) advise you of change fee amounts whilst booking a flight. They will tell you it is not refundable and changes can be made for a change fee and fare difference. Unless you ask, they don't have to tell you EVERYTHING. If they did, the phone call would never end. Similarly when you book online, the fare rules do not tell you the price of the change fee. However if you took 2 seconds to search the website you would find this:

Which lists the current fees at the bottom.

Virgin Blue (as an example) also hide their change fees on their website:
They too do not list the fees in their fare rules. You will also note their change fees are higher that Jetstars, They also DON'T allow you to cancel their Go Fare, and they charge $55 to cancel their Blue Saver fare.

Wake up to the world of low cost carriers. Book Qantas and experience their old, tired, grumpy arrogant cabin crew.

stop defending these bloody

stop defending these bloody idiots, jetstar your going down down down

bronco whilst there are

bronco whilst there are ignorant budget airline travelers around like Fiona, I will continue to defend them because I actually don't think they are that bad. I've never had an issue because I understand the terms and conditions and how it all works. I don't book on them and expect the same privileges as Qantas or Virgin. And I love her comment that a $50 change fee is outrageous. Well go and fly Virgin where the fee is higher or Tiger where the fee is the same.

@ Ben - A year ago i would

@ Ben - A year ago i would have agreed with you. BUT if you have a problem with Jetstar through no fault of your own - the company is basically unable and unwilling to do anything of assistance. The whole system is programmed to blame the customer and shirk all responsibility. Sometimes it is Jetstar that stuffs the customer around- and in my experience on those occasions you get precious little.. other than some reference number saying you'll get a response in 15+ working days (which is 3 weeks or more), and eventually to receive a phone call 2-3 months later basically asking questions about everything you explained in the letter of complaint in the first place. Whilst Jetstar are cheap.. they are also nasty.. why can't Australians have a cheap airline that is also good? Find your Jetstar flight delayed again? Wait months for a refund and decide to buy an expensive last minute ticket with an alternate airline. Virgin are also cheap.. How come there's no Don't Fly Virgin website? Air Asia are often cheaper than Jetstar on Asian journeys- How come there's no Don't Fly AirAsia website? How come the functionality in AirAsia's website is far superior to Jetstar's? Do we need some third world country to teach us about customer service and technology? Until Jetstar management and staff accept that there are problems, none of the issues will be resolved. In the mean time - choose another airline. I pity some poor overseas visitors whose first Australian experiences are with Jetstar.

HA! So Ben works for

HA! So Ben works for Jetstar.. OBVIOUSLY.. either that or has a vested interest in the company. "Ben" does not know ANYTHING about Customer Service. I hate that people like him exist.

Actually, Jetstar (and "Ben") continue what you're doing so that you become another airline that goes down and make way to others who know how to run a business morally.

Jetstar Hater, I don't work

Jetstar Hater, I don't work for Jetstar. I work for another airline however have flown them plenty and know people who work for them.
Actually I have worked in customer service and people like you are PAINFUL. You're perception of poor customer service is defined by the following:
Ask for something to be done for you. Get told no it's against policy (ie. it doesn't go your way). Because you don't get what you want, it's automatically poor customer service. Well guess what. Budget carriers don't make money by always doing exactly what you want. When they don't make money, ticket prices rise. I'm sorry you got charged extra to change your flight that you made an error on. Now that you know Jetstar's policy, change airlines. Get over it and move on.

How many times do we have to

How many times do we have to drill it though the thick Jet Star loving skulls of people like Ben:


Tattoo that to your wide forehead.

Travis like I said, peoples

Travis like I said, peoples perception of customer service revolves around whether they get what they want. Fiona regards it as poor customer service because shes not happy she has to pay a $50 change fee (which is might add is pretty standard across all Australian airlines) and is unhappy that no one would waive it for her. Sorry but I don't regard this as poor customer service. I regard this as your typical ill informed customer who expects the world for a few peanuts.
If Jetstar always gave in to peoples demands, sure everyone would be happy and would think the customer service is great. Meanwhile they lose on revenue and pass the costs on to the customers.
If you don;t like it, choose another airline.

Yes STUPID Ben who works for


The scenario is... I asked for something.. they said an amount 500% more than the original ticket price.. I asked to MEET HALFWAY. I don't even want to meet halfway and pay a cent! So NO, I wasn't ASKING FOR WHAT I WANTED, I was asking for a middle ground because an extra $340 for Sydney to Avalon is WAY TOO MUCH!!! So you are a numbskull just like the rest of your LOW IQ'ed Jetstar Colleagues who do not have ANY BUSINESS SENSE whatsoever. And don't forget, your selective stupid brain is forgetting the fact that I finally agreed to buy $340 outside of my will but GEORGE the heartless arsehole said they had JUST closed the counter for a last flight that was an hour delayed!!! This is after no irate exchange, or heated argument. So stick that up your arse along with the big stick that you've already got stuck up there. People like you make me sick!!!

And you know what? I REGRET

And you know what? I REGRET not having had a heated argument and giving everyone at that counter a piece of my mind.. But what the heck, I was busy trying to get tickets after over an hour ON THE PHONE to Jetstar Customer Service line in Manila.

People are on to you. You will go out of business soon.

Customer Service.. Answer the

Customer Service.. Answer the phone with a polite and happy tone, if face to face with a smile to the Customer and make sure you understand what the customer is asking for , try your best to accommodate the customer as best as you can in a friendly and engaging manner. Never forget that old adage that the customer is always right. If their request is not able to be fulfilled for whatever reason, explain the problem to them in a happy and friendly tone , perhaps even suggesting some other alternatives. Close the conversation in a positive manner apologising to them if no solution was found and thank them for the call or visit.

Jetstar Hater, I will tell

Jetstar Hater, I will tell you one final time. I DO NOT WORK FOR JETSTAR. No wonder the staff got the shits with you. You can't get messages through your skull. I actually agree with your comment about using policies as per the situation. However this is not how the budget airline industry makes money. The cheaper the airline, the more hard ass they are with fees and sticking to policy. Have you every tried negotiating with Tiger Airways? I have and it gets you no where.

Very mature comment about the stick up my ass. All I will say is people like you don't make me sick, but shouldn't be allowed to fly a low cost carrier.

while i understand the pain

while i understand the pain fliying with cheap carriers during delayed/cancellation flights but this post is definitely caused from lack of understanding fare rules

I think if i was working for

I think if i was working for Jetstar and picked up a call from Jetstarhater...damn!! how do you tell an impolite imbecile politely that you can't do what he asks for because of the fare rules and the fact we dont have JETSTAR CHARITY written on our foreheads...please dont fly with jetstar, go fly virgin blue and politely bugger off and enjoy your life...but face it...your cheap enough to fly jetstar instead of paying a higher deal with it buddy boy!!

I think if i was working for

I think if i was working for Jetstar and picked up a call from Jetstarhater...damn!! how do you tell an impolite imbecile politely that you can't do what he asks for because of the fare rules and the fact we dont have JETSTAR CHARITY written on our foreheads...please dont fly with jetstar, go fly virgin blue and politely bugger off and enjoy your life...but face it...your cheap enough to fly jetstar instead of paying a higher deal with it buddy boy!!

its this simple fiona. you

its this simple fiona. you will get what you pay for.
just take time to read the terms and condition on the website all of the things that you need to know regarding the fare and any extra information that you need is listed there.
or you can call their contact centre for assistance,
Dont go telling people that you will ne longer fly jetstar because im sure that you are one of those people that will book a flight when the fares are on sale.

I have made booking on Jet

I have made booking on Jet star Website , 5 minutes later I received my conformation , I realize the departure date was wrong , so I went back to the site , and try to change the date from Tuesday to Monday the same price ticket the same departure time , the site immediately attempted to charge me $40.00 . So I made the call to service centre they told me: “ sorry you must pay , even if it 5 seconds has past , you liable for your mistake “ .
My opinion :
1. Company unfairly profiteering from customers mistakes ( after all we only human )
2. Company has to have grace period minimum 15minutes to 20 minutes , to allow 1 of change of details without imposing the charge.
3. I have lodge complain with Jetstar, now we will see what reply will be .

Exactly the same happened to

Exactly the same happened to me, they don't allow for any mistake, all contracts that you have signed, usually they have 24 or 48hr cooling off periods, but Jetstar is different. I wonder how they get away with it. It sucks, that is wrong!!!

to Ruvien Ben Emanuel Did you have any luck after you set the complain?

Hi again, I have just tried once more by contacting them through Facebook and I had the best response, I am very happy with the results. they didn't charge me the fee only the difference in the ticket price. :))

I've been reading a lot of

I've been reading a lot of articles on this website ages before I booked a flight with Jetstar so I will have an idea what to do in case I get into situations like this because I've been planning to book a flight with them.

Then we booked, the flight came, we had an "okay" to a "great" time flying to New Zealand. Now that we need to fly out, we needed to make necessary changes and I dreaded this time because of all the negative feedback I've been reading.

I phoned the call centre, suffered as everyone did but I didn't want to ruin my day so I tried to end the conversation the best possible way I could. I decided to make the changes online and not over the phone.

I suffered a lot, changing the flight on their website but instead of ranting about my disappointment, I decided to just write down ways and steps I can help others to avoid the same level of frustration. I really hope that people would find it useful.

How to Change your Jetstar Booking Flight Date, the Hassle-Free Way

Hi People I agree, people

Hi People

I agree, people should never ever fly with jetstar.

My partner and I purchased return tickets from sydney to gold coast which cost us around 250$
Due to some unforeseen changes in our circumstances 2 days later we wanted to change the date o fthe departure and return
flight dates even though there was still 14 days to our flight.

Guess what, making the online change of dates cost us additional 200$, now this is not reasonable.

Where in world people charge fees as much as the cost of the product.

Simple example for STUPID PEOPLE LIKE BEN ON THIS PAGE, if you go buy a shirt as a gift and you decide it was the wrong size and take it back to change it
the shirt cost you 50$ initially and when you ask the shopkeeper to change the shirt to a different size he will say yes i will chnage your shirt but you have to pay extra 40$

NO THAT IS CAPITALISM hence JETSTAR is only scamming people and trying to make more proft from human mistakes


Ben, I know you are trying to

Ben, I know you are trying to stir things up, and you do have a point. But after my experience this weekend with Jetstar- it does seem Jetstar customer service (amazing they can call it that, misrepresentation for sure) have a system in place where they blame the customer as a first port of call.

ANy organisation that sets up that dynamic is destined to fail long term - as they are in the business of moving people, not sheep. People with emotions. People telling other people how bad the service was. Maybe a $50 charge is reasonable and you are right about that.

Turned up at Tullamarine at

Turned up at Tullamarine at 11 for a 1:30 flight to the cold coast, and waited in a queue for an hour to be told the flight was cancelled. No text message, no email and no care about my situation, car hire or financial position. Don't you have insurance? Well screw you Jetstar you pack of unprofessional pricks. I told the folk I was supposed to meet at 6 pm and there response "That's why we never travel with Jetstar, they do that a lot." I don't travel often but I will be telling anyone who will listen to use you ONLY as a very last resort. A big middle finger to you all.

So glad to see it's not just

So glad to see it's not just me. This experience has cost me heaps. Let alone that my airport transfer to home paid & lost now when arrive nothing booked. Really lousy service no understanding & too much power with no real facts or justification. As a nurse I treat everyone even those i don't like imagine saying nah not treating u " u smell like alcohol" just to get own way Arrgh

Never Make A Mistake When

Never Make A Mistake When Booking On Line
Booked 3 x Return Sydney to Gold Coast, @ $220 each, on one ticket made a mistake with a name, tried to ring Customer Service three times with no luck, when arrived at airport check in was told they could not change the name on the ticket, I would have to go to customer service ( what a joke ) they told me not a problem to change name and give me a new ticket, $562.00 + $41.00 Baggage and the original $220 it cost me $823.00, no problem, I think it is a problem, you are forced to pay or do not fly,to a 78 year old it is a lot money, We will never fly Jetstar again no matter how cheap there fairs sound, for $823 .00 would fly First Class Qantas, Virgin.

I wanted to fly Gold Coast to

I wanted to fly Gold Coast to Melbourne. I clicked "Sydney" by mistake, and didn't realise until after I paid the $504. It took two hours to work out that the route change would cost $170, plus a fare change of $314, for a total of $990. I went and purchased the same tickets from Virgin for $452. It's opportunistic robbery, and it's immoral. The CEO of Jetstar is immoral for endorsing the gouging of ordinary hard-working people "just because he can". Since when has that become OK?

Dang these comments are salty

Dang these comments are salty AF.

My sis just had a problem with them, she was changing the date and name on a flight but it didn't have the option to change the name online so she just paid what it was, an additional $50. When she called into see if they could change the name they said that she would have to pay another $65 just for name change, even though she just paid not even 5 minutes before she called them. This is upsetting and unfair Jetstar needs to get their priorities straight.

Btw sorry to all these people that had their money wasted by this airline.