No communication about flight Cancellation, when website says sold out

Just found today the my family return flight from Tokyo was cancelled without reason. No communication was had. I booked the flight way back in April 2022, and there is still 4 months to the date in January. Plus they changed our direct flight from Gold Coast to Tokyo, now we have to stop in Cairns. I am so annoyed how there was no commination or real reason why the cancelled the flight. Anyone having this trouble now?

Australia-Gold Coast
Japan-Tokyo (Narita International)


Yes mine was also changed

Yes mine was also changed without telling me. I paid to fly direct to Tokyo with the family start of December and they rebooked us on a flight to Cairns then onto Narita. I have done this route before and its awful the 4 hour lay over in Cairns. I was so angry that I only found out because I logged onto Jetstar to check times. The chat service rep tried to get me to take a 7am flight a few days later but I said it doesnt work for us and only offered crap alternatives. Got a refund for the travel to Tokyo and kept the return flight. Then I rebooked direct again leaving a few days before original booking so I could go direct. Seems they trying to dump direct route.

So I was out of pocket another $3 k before the other flights came back onto my credit card. I am sick to my stomach thinking they will cancel day of flight but looking at other airlines its thousands of dollars extra and I have already booked hotels and rail passes so dont really have the capacity to chnage airlines! We have insurance but I just dont know with some flights the way they cancel it and say " flight crew issues" which have had before or " maintenance issue which werent covered. Its all very stressful ! I have promised hubby this is last straw for booking Jetstar