No duty of care for web check ins

my brother is to return today via jetstar to attend what will probably be mum's last one with us. He was waiting for the long term parking transit bus to arrive, which took ages, and phoned Jetstar to ask them what could be done. They said 'nothing'. So, they arrived 2 mins late due to the airports bad bus service and, with no luggage, still weren't allow on.

Now, did the attendant that they phoned advise them that they could do a web check in using the 3G smart phone? No! To make it worse his girlfriend pays for a platinum card with the parent company and that cut no sway either.

Other lovely old mum thanks jetstar for disconnecting people with such efficiency.


Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine


Convey your experience to

Convey your experience to your local member federal and state. While technically you were late you still have grounds for complaint. The only way to make this airline behave is to get consumer protection. We are wide open to being abused by this company. Take ten minutes and write a good letter to your members as their files fill with complaints we will get the protection we need.

There is a reason why they

There is a reason why they recommend to be at the airport an hour early. They can't delay all the organised people.

My last flight with Jetstar

My last flight with Jetstar was approx 2 months ago. I stopped booking Jetstar tickets 6 or 8 months ago, but there was one ticket I'd booked earlier in March for flights in November. I arrived at Sydney airport 90 minutes before my flight Sydney > Darwin to find that the self check in booths were not functioning and there was a line of customers that weaved through the check in corral, across the airport foyer and basically snaked out to the front door making it difficult for people to enter the terminal. I stood in line for the best part of 60 minutes and checked in on-time. What responsibility does Jetstar take for providing reasonable numbers of check-in staff? I don't know of anyone who missed a flight that day- and the staff appeared over-worked, somewhat stressed but still courteous, but it is conceivable that someone who arrived 60 minutes before their flight wouldn't have made check-in in time on this occasion. Jetstar seem to be poorly organised. They were the only airline with customer check in lines that took up much of the airport foyer.