No notice, no help

Checked their website before I went to the airport, all normal and on time.
At airport, sign saying JQ256 was cancelled.
Desk line had three people handling the passengers, then suddenly only one. They wanted to save money.
When I finally got to the fron, they were rude. Next three flights are apparently sold out, so it will be later the next day before they can carry me. Told me to try another airline - but they won't help with the fare - "you are on your own, but we might refund your JQ fare. Pathetic. No hotel offer, no compensation. nothing. Just a "get stuffed" attitude by this company.
I suspect there was no real problem - they just did not sell enough tickets.
Completely ruined my plans, but they don't seem to care.
Stay away from this damaged brand.

New Zealand-Christchurch
New Zealand-Auckland


Hi Check in staff at CHC are

Check in staff at CHC are not even employed by Jetstar, thay are employed by a company called "Skystar airport support services"
So no, it was not Jetstar trying to "Cut Costs" currently Jetstar is contributing two thirds of the Qantas Group's annual profit. Jetstar provides you will low fares because it is not a full service airline, meaning, anything extra you want to purchase (eg In Flight entertainment, Headphones, Blankets, Pillows, Coffee, etc) will be at an extra price, this is how Jetstar affords to provide you with such low fares.

Hmmm okay low fares are one

Hmmm okay low fares are one thing but agreeing to provide a service you have paid for and then backing out is another. Yes Jetstar do cut costs by cancelling flights that do not have enough seats booked on them - and this is horrible. I know this because I received a letter from Jetstar explaining this after I complained they cancelled my flight with no warning and no reason. Do chase up that refund, you deserve every cent back.