No "Paid for" Meal Supplied

Flight from Denpasar to Darwin was two and half hours late and then the meal we paid for wasn't delivered. Told I should have come up the front and complained earlier. What happened to the list of meals for people they used to have? Jetstar put every other airline out of business on the Darwin-Denpasar trip, so they now have the monopoly and act like it.

Indonesia-Denpasar (Bali)


Told when I tried to get a

Told when I tried to get a refund of the meals that it is not possible because I bought the "Bundle"

Hi Peter,

Hi Peter,

I had a very similar situation on my flight. I have complained to the Office of Fair Trading regarding this as I do NOT want a voucher (don’t want to fly Jetstar again).

We should be able to get just normal refunds but Jetstar has twisted it.