Not one seat on my plane reclined - ph customer service but they argue that 'all jetstar fleet have reclining seats' - Bullsh#t!

Flew Jetstar from Bali to Perth on 28th July 2010. Seats didn't recline - none of them, not just the exit row seats.
I advised my parents who are traveling to Singapore on jetstar to ring and check if their plane will have reclining seats, and the customer service person insisted that all their fleet have reclining seats. So I rang back to give them my experience and the guy argued with me on the phone - refused to believe me that the seats didn't recline. So I asked to be put through to the manager or have an email address of someone I could write to as I am very concerned by this stage and the guy hung up on me!

Bad customer service, most uncomfortable flight I have ever been on, and despite appearing cheaper to begin with, by the time they sting you for all the extras on the way through, ends up being more expensive than other better airlines. I will never fly Jetstar again.

Indonesia-Denpasar (Bali)


We had the same experience on

We had the same experience on flights from Sydney to Darwin (on the return leg only) and Darwin to Singapore (both flights).
Asked the flight attendant about why they put planes with seats that don't recline on these routes. Got told "they have been delivered with the wrong seats and will be re-fitted". Well, Jetstar, why do you pay for planes that got delivered with the wrong specs in the first place? It's a bullshit excuse and it's bullshit to put these planes on international routes or domestic routes for >4 hour flights.

I understand if for logistical reasons you'd have to move planes with non-reclinable seats occasionally, but if you do, at least apologise in advance for it to your customers. Jetstar's dealings with their customers really lacks any common decency, and that is just really really sad. Customer service in Australia is abysmally rotten as it is, but Jetstar takes it to a new level.

I flew from Sydney to

I flew from Sydney to Maroochydore on the 23rd. The plane looked brand new but the seats were very close together and didn't recline (they were also plastered in advertising for the gold coast). The hour flight was bad, but I would have hated being on same plane on its previous flight as it had just arrived from Perth.

Flew from Perth to Sydney on

Flew from Perth to Sydney on the 7th. Seat didn't recline!!! On an overnight flight - misery! Plus the plane wasn't cleaned properly.... probably the most uncomfortable flight I have ever taken. Immediately cancelled my return flight and came back on Qantas. Never (willingly) flying Jetstar again

Had one of the Jetstar Airbus

Had one of the Jetstar Airbus from Perth to Sydney today. They are still out there and so is the excuse that they will be refitted.
It was already uncomfortable on the way to Perth with seats that had minimal recline angle, but non-reclining seats on an overnight flight is torture
Obviously they are flying these long distances regularly with the seat configuration, so I am going to stay away from Jetstar as much as I can

Flew to Perth & back again

Flew to Perth & back again this month on the red eye flight, never again!
That will teach me for being cheap & saving my $$$ to have a great holiday in the West.
What genius put seats in that don't recline? It's not as if they save the company money, no unfriendly peanut chucker has to
put the seat back for you! What a miserable bunch of staff. The inflight safety info that the crew reads from a card at least twice a day could be better read by a child, I will not put the info card at the front of the seat pocket for the jetstar crew case you forgot it's your job not mine, I am on holiday.
I could complain to Jetstar but this is way better than being on hold waiting to complain.I will take my business to some one who actually gives a rats about me spending money with them & has a seat that reclines.

Flew Darwin to Denpasar on

Flew Darwin to Denpasar on 18/12. Seats did not recline. Unbelievable. It was only 2 1/2 hours but still I have more leg room on a council bus. I only ended up on Jetshite because I used my Qantas frequent flyer points to go form Syd to Bali. My error!
The return flight is direct and only 6 hours but if the seats don't recline it will be hell!
I have never flown them before and the return flight will be my last. Next time I book using points I won't be choosing a destination that Qantas now only operates with Jetshite aircraft.

I just flew yesterday from

I just flew yesterday from Sydney to Perth with Jetstar and the flight was harder then when I flew 12 1/2 hours from Singapore to Amsterdam. I have never experienced a more horrific 5 hours in my life. I am 1.89m tall and I could fit my legs between the seats, it is unbelievable. The seats do not recline, what the hell is that?!! are they stupid or stupid. They didn't even have head phones for the radio, no DVD Player to rent, nothing.
There was also this horrible ugly women (flight attendant) who was very rude to everyone, as if it wasn''t uncomfortable enough. I wouldn't fly Jetsar even if they would offer me free tickets.
This airline should be taken off the market.

The other day I flew Jetstar

The other day I flew Jetstar from Gold Coast to Adelaide and I was unfortunate to be on one of the non-reclining aircraft. I had not heard of this until then and I could not believe they would cut costs in that way! The seat itself wasn't too bad, but of course the comfort didn't last long. I really feel bad for the people who were stuck with this for longer flights, as the 2 1/2 hour flight I was on was hell. they should seriously hand out free vouchers for a massage because my back was killing me by the end of it.
Thankfully I didn't experience any rude staff as I didn't see the point complaining to them about it, it's not like it was their decision, but at the same time I guess they are the representatives of the company. I can't believe some of the stories of their rudeness I have read here though! I hope they read this and take note.
Jetstar is now just above Tiger on the bottom of my choices when booking my next flight...

Promise, they are being

Promise, they are being refitted, the refitting has already begun.
Believe me, the flight attendants walk onto the planes with no recline and dread the flight as well.