Not one but two cancelled flights!

Trip to bali recently ruined by Jetstar who cancelled our flight to Bali when we were at the departure gate, rescheduled us on to a new flight the next day which was delayed by 4 hours and we weren't informed until arriving at the airport and finally to top it off, cancelled our flight home. When the flight home was cancelled we were given appalling assistance. I can deal with one cancelled flight but two? Surely not this many planes can have "engineering" problems. We suspect they are simply cancelling non profitable flights. Shame on you Jetstar.

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine
Indonesia-Denpasar (Bali)


I hope you'll choose not to

I hope you'll choose not to use them again. No matter how good their price I wont choose them now. It would have to be an emergency for me to fly with Jetstar.

It gets better - our

It gets better - our connecting flight from Sydney to melbourne that they changed us too has now been cancelled. So make that three cancelled flights.

We are heading to Bali in

We are heading to Bali in September and would never risk what happened to you by flying with this deceitful airline.

We had our 10th Wedding Anniversary in Singapore - 5 days travel, and 3 separate flight cancellations.

Best you can do is tell as many people as possible about your experience - word is spreading, and continues to spread, just how atrocious this airline is.