Staff dont speak good english that is why mis interpreted..
Id fell hold up and the counter name is SAE a trying hard english spoken
The supervisor is NANOKO and the manager is worst..

Japan jetstar is the worst rudist i have ever ever encounter...with no heart no consideration even a 1 kilo excess i have prove..

I am not in the hotel because i dont have a choice..

Japan-Tokyo (Narita International)




They off loaded me todays

They off loaded me todays flight i
And i wantnto complain their mistakes and charges the damages .
I have vedeo on file.

They offloaded me because i

They offloaded me because i dont pay my trolley carry on that the check in...yet they dont want to return it back so i can send back home.
They made ne stand waiting until no one was left but one entertained me until the plane left. It so unfair...