Oh Boy, Jetstar staff are so Unfriendly and Mean.

I encountered two separate Jetstar staff at Sydney over the weekend, first some female called Mel (short for Melanie or Melissa?) No idea as she has zilch personality and like an ice queen robot. With her fake blonde hair and fake blonde hair piece which is a cross between a dead rat or something from 'the Sound of Music. this Mel. person is very horrible not only in her looks and dress code but her manner and approach, she needs some serious training in people skills, then I go to the baggage area where Mel's mean and ugly twin is. Some creature called Bec. So fat and ugly she's glued to her stood. Why, do Sydney jetstar staff only have three letter names? are these fake???? I only had a simple request, however no one was prepared to assist or even help me. i shall book and travel with another airline next time and welcome the new airport.