OMG I will never ever fly this air line again.

Was coming home from a 6 day get away. Arrived at Denpasar airport to find out the flight was cancelled and would have to take the same flight home the next night. Jetstar said we are going to put you up in a five star hotel. Ok not much i can do about it, i will have an extra night and day in Bali. Five star hotel was just terrible, dirty and it was like we were shoved in a unit block in the middle of no where. Not the way i wanted to end my holiday. Went back to reception to find all the other people who were on the bus also leaving.
Went back the next night to go home to my family and work to be told that the flight was cancelled again and they offered me another night in the hotel. I was not happy and by this time so over it and needed to get home to my two small children and my job.
After 1 hour they said i could go on another flight but had to go to melbourne first, ok i will just get me home, the flight was at 11pm.
TThat flight took off at 2.30 am 3.5 hours late. We were given no information as to what was going on. I then had missed my connecting flight to Sydney.
I asked a staff member on the flight to give me the contact information to make a formal complaint she said she would but never did.
By the time i got to Sydney i needed another holiday to get over the flight home. Shit star , never again...... I don't care how low your flights are...
Sasha BTW how the hell do you speak to a person about getting back the extra money i had to out lay????

Indonesia-Denpasar (Bali)


Staff at jetstar are

Staff at jetstar are extremely rude, at virgin blue that is another story there beatiful helpful and you leave on time compared to jetslut.

You will be VERY lucky to

You will be VERY lucky to ever see your money again. They will make it as hard as possible for you to talk to anyone about it.

yup you will be hard pressed

yup you will be hard pressed to get your money. i have had a few cancellations over time and never seen a cent despite promises and bits of thin paper they send you. they are liars the recruiter of their staff knows where to find the bad guys.
your time and effort would be better used going to see your local member and getting some legislation put in place across Australia that protects its citizens from corporate criminals. if we can get every jetstar victim to see the local their local member we might get some action in place to stop us from being robbed and victimized.

Send an email to

Send an email to

Thats what they told me to do. No idea if I will get anything from them.

After reading on and on about

After reading on and on about Jetstar my $162.00 I got ripped off and got nothing for seems not too bad.
It might have been worth the money just to be able to fly with Air Asia.
The thing in life is that when you take advantage of someone karma always gets you back.
I went to the Singapore Airport and saw Jetstar Employees in a meeting at 4:15 am. Maybe 20 of them.
They were yawning and looked like no one had any sleep.
It looked like bad karma to me.
Now I still haven't had any word on my refund for a ticket I never used because Jetstar tried to over charge me on my luggage!
Being in business over 40 years I have learned you have to treat people the way you want to be treated.
You have to tell the truth and help others!
Life is just better this way!!!