OMG- They ripped off my bank account and left me stranded!

Please advise everyone you know to never , ever use jetsar!

I wanted a the cheapest flight from Honolulu to Sydney and it ended up with the most expensive, not only was the flight delayed causing me to miss my connecting flight to Canberra, but they also managed to rip off my bank account, causing my bank to freeze my funds leaving me stranded with no flight, no cash and no hope!

Apparently if you use your credit card to purchase anything from jetstar, they are listed as one of the top most fraudulent companies and will access your account and drain it "by mistake". HOWEVER they do not accept any legal currency except a credit card whilst in flight.

Also I ended up paying twice for a trip down to Canberra as Jetstar denied any wrong doing,a nd refused to refund or even help with the connecting flight, saying " you should have used Jetstar for your connecting flight"- they don't fucking fly to Canberra !!!!

When i complained at the Sydney domestic jetstar help desk, the blond rep behind the desk was so rude and unhelpful , she said " i don't know why your so upset " WTF!!! I wanted to punch her .

On the return trip they made me buy a refundable ticket back to Oz as I misplaced my green card to the U.S, when I arrived back home in Honolulu, immigrations said that it was not needed as I was registered as a resident alien.

bottom line , warn everyone to not use Jetstar!!!!!!! ever!!!!!!!

United States-Honolulu


Hi Abbie, Jetstar is the

Hi Abbie,

Jetstar is the worst. They will try and keep your money for 45 days. That's what they did to me.
I read your story and I think I ran into the same blonde lady that wasn't very nice.
Terrible Terrible!!