Overbooking and poor customer service a common practice

We booked 11 seats on a 9am flight from Cairns to Melbourne back in May 2012, this morning at 7am (4/12/12) as we are just hopping in our car to get to the airport we get a call to say that they have overbooked the flight and we now have to fly out at 6.20pm as there is not enough room on the am flight. We are travelling with 5 children under 5yrs of age which is why we booked the early flight, we have had to re-book cars, hotels everything, I couldn't even speak to someone based in Australia and was told by 3 different people that if l read the terms and conditions that flights aren't actually guaranteed, so there is nothing that Jetstar can or is obligated to do. They intentionally overbooked this flight, l even asked them why they thought there would suddenly be an extra 30 seats on a plane and they simply don't care.

I am appalled that they are allowed to operate a business in this way in Australia, it is my first and last flight with Jetstar or any of its affiliates, l dont care if they have $1 fares, l would rather walk, drive, swim than give this disgusting company another cent of my money!

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine


The most appalling business

The most appalling business in OZ.......hands down.....

Hands down indeed.. A 7 month

Hands down indeed..
A 7 month booking for 11 people, wow!!! Amazes me how this airline operates without even further criticism from the Australian public.
Plus.. who ever is doing the math on which parties to bump off a flight needs their head read, 11 people being put out sure is financially not a good decision.
I hope you're claiming any costs from displacement and wasted holidays?

ps Jetstar, still waiting 4 months for my refund.

What happened is actually

What happened is actually pretty rare but I totally understand your frustration. Maybe to give some understanding, this is something that happens in the hotel and airline industry all the time. Because there are almost always no shows on flights and hotels etc, they overbook knowing that people will not show up. I saw Airlines on TV when Southwest Airlines had overbooked by 30 something seats and everyone showed up.
Basically it's a way they can maximise their revenue taking if there are cancellations or no shows. I know it doesn't make up for your trip but I hope it adds some insight into what happens behind the scenes, wrongly or rightly.